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  1. Thanks for replying , even if it is dramless ?
  2. HELLO EVERYONE So my only choices are these : ADATA su800 128Gb WITH DRAM cache and WD green 240gb without dram for about the same price which one should i pick ?
  3. i don't think so , as in the gallery of msi official site when i zoom it's the same slot that i have which is not sata m2 i think , it has 1 void when the sata comes with 2
  4. HELLO EVERYONE so my mobo is a MSI b150 gaming m3 and here is the problem : on the msi site it says that it has m2 sata 6gb/s support BUT when i look to the mobo the m2 slot is nvme like the one on the pic, so what's wrong ? thanks for your help
  5. even if i my mobo is not listed on the adata site for compatibility ?
  6. Thanks , i think i'm goind with m2 su800 from adata Last question : it is compatible with my mobo ? Msi b150 Gaming m3 , on the website of adata it don't show but it is a sata m2 and my mobo has a sata m2 so ?
  7. Okay and i've found a kingston v300 240gb ,, what do you think about it ?
  8. First look i think it's available , but i have to contact the vendor , price are between 80 to 100$ for 240gb , does it have dram cache ?
  9. I know but don't have large choice here ,and like i said i don't have acces to amazon/ebay , what about wd green ?
  10. thanks for the reply , unfortunally the teamgroup is no longer available
  11. Yeah both windows are on it and it's my only drive , i was wondering if somehow the mobo is damaged aswell ?
  12. HELLO EVERYONE i plan to get a new ssd and the problem is that i live in a country where we can't buy things online ( amazon ebay ) and the prices here are insane ( kingston 240gb a400 for 80 $ ) so i was wondering on the dram cache ( i don"t really understand what it does ) so for example : i can get one adata su800 m2 248gb (with dram ) for about 100$ or an adata su650 240gb ( without dram ) for about 60$ , i know the prices are crazy , third world problems ps : i don't have acces to crucial mx500 , the only dram ssd that i found is the one i mentioned below and a 480gb teamgroup lite 5 ( it says it has dram cache and costs about 110$ ) so what do you think guys ? btw sorry i'm not a native english speaker UPDATE : the teamgroup is not longer available
  13. HELLO EVERYONE AND THANKS IN ADVANCE , BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE HERE IS MY SPECS : -MSI B150 GAMING M3 MOTHERBOARD -I3 6100 CPU WITH A THERMALTAKE COOLER -16GB OF RAM 4X4 4GB DDR4 2400MHZ ( CAPPED TO 2133 ) AVEXIR -1TB WESTERN DIGITAL BLUE HDD 7200RPM -THERMALTAKE LITEPOWER 450W NON MODULAR PSU (80+ BRONZE) -GIGABYTE GTX 950 2GB -WINDOWS 10 (1809 OCTOBER ) 64 WITH WINDOWS 7 64 INSTALLED ON ANOTHER PARTITION SO HERE IS MY PROBLEM : 2 weeks ago i was in a hurry to move to another place so i took my pc without unplging anything for a trip of about 50km in a really bad road , so i knew at this time that it will shake my pc ( and i know i had to unplug everything but i was in a hurry ) , so after that when i arrived i tried to boot nothing , the fans start and ram led starts for few seconds then shut down to start another time and so on , no post. After that what i did is i checked everything and tried to tae off the mobo pill and then plug iit back then TADAAA it worked just fine , i did get to windows without any problem and checked everything : crystal disk info showed the exact same stat as it was before , my gpu and cpu temps where fine , so i started to play ( call of duty warzone ) , after a couple of games i had the BDOS ( never had it before for over 4 years ) so i waited for it to restart , when it did it show me a message that says that the bootdevice is corrupted ( don't remember the exact message ) After i googled the error it says that all i have to do is unplug my hdd then plug it back , and guess what it worked , so i continued to play ( 10hours a day ) for about a week untill i have another BSOD ( also when playing warzone ) so i unpluged and pluged back , this time it just worked for about 15 minutes then BSOD ( also when playing ) and after that it won't even boot ( neither wn7 or win 10 ) and if i don't unplug then plug back i can't even acces my bios . When i unplug my hdd i can easily acces my bios and the temps are cool , all my ram are there and i can't see anything suspicious from there My question is ; i'm about 90% sure it's a hdd issue and don't mind about the data ( will try to extract some games with RACK ) i just want to know if you think the same way ( it's hdd issue ) and not anything else , i can't really afford a new mobo . so please let me know PS : i don't hear any noise or clicking from my hdd but at this time i can't even acces bios when it's pluged , when i unplug it i can acces bios easly Thanks for your help