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  1. I was thinking the same but I don't really know what to do with it, it doesn't post, it barely warms up probably because the mobo detects it's faulty... In my opinion it was shorted out when the previous owner applied a shit ton amount of thermal paste on the cpu die and when relidding it has overflown on the rezistors nearby. The chip is actually zoomed in at 200x and I've seen waaay worse ones, but this cpu in particular is something special, like a spoiled baby. The chip looks something like this, so if you guys think it might be another thing, feel free to specify
  2. This is a dead i7-4790K I bought from someone trying to repair it but after analyzing it, members on the ltt forum realized that the cpu die is chipped in the top right corner Rest in peace my little risk!
  3. Yeah that appears to be chipped, idk how I missed that, in person it looks waaay smaller... Well that vice method definetely gave unexperienced people confidence in delidding, which on the devil's canyon it wasn't that necessary... Well it's dead
  4. I'll make a detailed picture of the die itself in a few minutes
  5. Hey guys, I bought an i7-4790k a few days ago for $25 saying that it's defective because it gives no display. I brought it home and I quickly set up a breadboard in order to test it, with a z97 Asrock Pro 3. It doesn't have an led indicator or light but it has a classic speaker which is supposed to indicate a post code. I put the cpu in the socket and... Nothing. What should I have expected? It powers on the fans, but it doesn't even post, and after 10 seconds, it reboots and stays powered on and heating up without posting (so it is at least receiving power). I have swapped the cpu with my i5 4460 and it posts right off So I have decided to check out some mysterious black silicone marks around the IHS only to find out after prying it open (with my nail!) that it has been dellided by a previous owner... And what a shock, the cpu was covered in a whack ton of thermal paste, it was over the cpu die and the nearby transistors so when I saw that I quickly had a glimpse of hope that if I manage to clean up the mess maybe it would be ok... But nope. I tried updating the bios, resetting the cmos, leaving the battery out overnight, reapplying thermal paste but sadly, it still does not post. So, my question here is, does somebody know even the craziest idea ever to try and boot this mf? Because for $25, I might aswell try everything in order to revive it. I have attached photos of the cpu and visually, it looks very good but internally... Who knows?
  6. I get what you say, i don't think that he is stupid enough to do that neither The thing is that the 4790K was made in Q2 2014 and he put up the ad 2 days ago, making it very unlikely that this is the case. From what I have seen from his ads he sells mobo+cpus kits with ryzen and 9th generation cpus, making it even more unlikely that he uses a 4th generation cpu on a socket 1150. He also owns a little repair shop at home, fixing hardware and software issues for noobies so the chances are he just threw it in a socket 1150 and when he saw that the fans spin and there is no display he just put it up as broken. That's what I hope that he did... I bought it today and I will probably receive it in the next few days, I will come back with info about the cpu, maybe I can get it "back to life" or as Streetguru said I can make a nice keychain from it, who knows? Thanks a lot for the fast replies! You guys rock
  7. I currently rock an I5 4460 and an Asrock Z97 Extreme Pro 3 working flawlessly, if that cpu is working that's a very nice bargain, though I will wait a bit until I get some responses about the cpu behaviour from the owner. Thanks!
  8. Hello. I saw an ad on a local Romanian trading site for an I7-4790K for only $25. The owner states that it is broken because his monitor shows the "No Signal" message. He posted 2 photos of the cpu and from what I can see, the bottom capacitors are intact and there are no signs of burns, physical damage or misuse. I will link the two photos here: The only possible damage that I can see is on the front photo of the cpu, on the right side of the IHS, there is a small silvery spot, maybe signs of a bad delid? I will need to ask the owner for more info about what happened to the cpu during it's usage. I will come back with any important info I can get about it. The question is, should I buy it? From what I know, the chances of a production cpu to die is EXTREMELY small, and a no signal message might suggest lots of other problems in his system. Also it's worth mentioning that the owner stated that the computer starts but there is no image coming out.