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  1. I'm on the latest bios. I moved the memory and was able to change it to 3600 mhz. When the lag happens nothing showed in event viewer. I'll try this at 3600 and see if I get it anymore.
  2. Thanks for your help. It does seem to be some sort of RAM issue. A lot of perf errors and warnings.
  3. If I set my RAM above 2133 my system doesn't boot and when my next hickup occurs I'll check viewer. By the looks of it multiple issues pop simultaneously when it happens
  4. all drivers are installed and as I've read XMP isn't on a tuf x570 but DOCP is and is on
  5. My RAM is running at 2133 MHz and I do not know what I am looking at in event viewer as it has 22k warnings and errors
  6. Specs: RTX 2080ti Ryzen 9 3950x G.Skill Ripjaw 3600 32GB 750 watts Tuf Gaming X570 plus (Wifi) Hello. New to forums and building my own PC. Building was the easy part. Software must be the hard part. Issue: I'm having trouble somewhere where I have a random hickup every so often while doing anything or nothing. the screen freezes and sound pops of a second or less. Also, sometimes after starting my computer this hickup is constant every 2 seconds until i restart which causes a blue screen. I believe I'm having some incompatibility somewhere but can't pin it down. At no time does any of my performance peek either.