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  1. I got a 1080P 240hz monitor, so nah I'm staying at 1080p
  2. I want to get a new rig primarily for gaming, I've looked at the AMD processors as I do a bit of video and photo editing here and there, but I am really looking for performance in games. What do you guys recommend? If AMD, should I wait for the new ones to come out? And any idea when the new AMD processors will come out?
  3. I just checked the temps now, it's running at around 46 - 50c last time I checked it was running at around 60 but that was awhile ago, could have been due to the heat outside. But this GPU does run incredibily hot anyways.
  4. Yes, I have tried replacing the thermal paste. It fixed some overheating problems, but the temps are still high. No, the GPU didn't cause the surge, I think it was the power supply in my other rig, it was given to me by a friend and it was a shitty psu. I just checked the temps for idle it's around 45 - 50 now, which is ok I guess. But when I run furmark, the GPU goes straight up to 90 within a 30 seconds and I'm assuming if I left it on any longer it would crash.
  5. The reason as to why I am asking is because I have encountered a few problems with this card. One of my PCs suffered a power surge with this card in, so I switched it to my other PC. It still runs fine, but I'm wondering could this card be cause damage to another PC eventually as it was in a pc that surged. It also runs incredibily hot, it idles at around 60c and then in games it goes up to 85 - 90c. I've tried everything possible to make it cooler but nothing works. I don't really want to buy a new card, because apart from the heating issues, it's still a solid card and if I bought something like a 2070 super, it would be expensive and wouldn't be a significant upgrade. If this sounds stupid, I apologise, I have a very basic understanding of computer hardware as the most advanced thing I have done is build a PC haha. *the surge didn't cause the heating problems, that has always been a problem with this card.