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  1. i will do the prosses and hope for the best
  2. should i re install win on the usb or just re do it
  3. ohhhh ok i saw the darkness and thought that i briked it so after 20 sec i closed it
  4. i have a usb flass that already has windows on it i ve done this and nothing happens
  5. ok thanks i want to repair windows. windows 10 latest
  6. i want to become one but i am still 15 and have alot to learn i started watching linus 5-6 months now and i love tech
  7. i dont want linux any more i want my windows back
  8. yes how do i un corrupt my windows so i can fix it
  9. yes you make a bootable usb but i am scared of it
  10. yes but i dont want to currupt an other windows divice
  11. i saw the vid right after i did every thing else
  12. i had made a discusion yesterday in this forum so i learn what os should i install in my laptop and i said that i would install linux mint. i went ahead and instaled it in the laptop and i restarted so i get the booting screen to linux but linux never open insted windows re opened and got a blue screen saying that it will restart and auto correct the mistake the auto correct didnt work and it suggested i format my pc i said yes and it started formating but the format stoped mid way to say to me that the format was anable to continue and that it will continue to windows but windows were corrupted and the same circle happend around ten times. so i dicided to boot from my usb flass drive that i had windows on it. so i went to the bios selected my usb flass drive and booted only to see that the boot was not continuing it just stayed in a screen showing a dush and nothing else i tryed ressing enter nothing and i re booted with the same usb i got to the same screen and for a split second i saw the windows logo only to fade into the darkness. what can i do
  13. i feel like they dont mice might make a difference but a mouse is a mouse
  14. please state your vote and say why
  15. i am a gamer but i ve been playing with a normal keyboard and a normal mouse of like 20$ each. so do they matter or not your choise
  16. ok i ve made up my mind i am going to install mint linux