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  1. hey Guys, came across this AMD radeon Graphics card in an old PC. I have never come across the type of output connector before. Looks similar size to DVI, but the Pins are different. Can someone enlighten me and where I could find a convertor cable to output to regular DVI or HDMI? PICS ATTACHED> many thanks AS
  2. Thank you soo much everyone - You guys are awesome with the responses. The sticker and ASUS support website says I have bios: Version 1820. Released 2019/09/24 Update AGESA to improve system performance. Removes Gen 4 support when using Ryzen 3000 CPUs. Think I am just going to try and return it and actually invest in a decent board. AS
  3. Hi everyone - would appreciate your help on this. This may be such a newb question: Is Ryzen 3 - 3100 3.9ghz compatabile with the ASUS PRIME B450M-A (AM4) Motherboard? This is my first PC build and I can't get it to post. I heard somewhere the motherboard is not comptabile with this chipset? Many thanks in advance, AS