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  1. Ohh. I was under the assumption that I can use the B550 till 5000. Got it, was planning to build the AMD by June/July (no b550 yet here), I'll watch for any commotion in r/amd in the coming weeks.
  2. Thanks for pointing this out. Been also fighting with this idea. Kept the AIO for now due to the following 1. RGB/Looks (the primary reason) 2. AIO should not really go up/down in price 3. not expecting any new game changing AIO in the next 1-2yrs. But it really makes sense to postpone the AIO for 3300x and just add the extra AIO money to the GPU.
  3. Budget (including currency): NA Country: Philippines (US prices + 20-30%) Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: - 1080p/144hz Gaming at max setting (probably 1440p in late 2021). Mostly single player/story/RPG/RTS games - Programming (minimal concern, even with my current setup still satisfy my needs here) Current PC - 4670k - 970GTX - 16GB - 500GB SSD I've prepared 2 "ITX"/RGB builds: - AMD (1100 USD) = CPU upgrade (Ryzen 7 - 2021/2022) (full cpu/mobo/ram upgrade - 2027) - Intel (1300 USD) = cpu/mobo/ram upgrade - 2025 + 500-600 USD AMD/Nvidia GPU (Late 2020) I'll probably go toward the AMD build since the 200usd diff can be added toward a Ryzen 7 in 2021/22 that hopefully can beat or par with the current 2020 I9/Ryzen 9 lineup. (or even a newer budget ryzen 3 again, depending on how long they support the b550) Question: 1. Are my thinking points above reasonable? 2. I really like the H210/i and X53, but also plan to use QL120s to replace all fans. Should I just get the cheaper H210 (non-i) then buy those 3-pack QLs with controller? I was just reading that each manufacturer have its own RGB software, so I really want to avoid using multiple sw. 3. Should I go for 3600/4000mhz memory, if I want to keep the memory for the next 5yrs? NOTE: This PC is planned to have RGB, AIO, and ITX, as I've never tried these. AMD BUILD INTEL BUILD