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  1. How cheap? and does the price difference worth it? *asking genuine question Overheating issues? never heard of it tbh
  2. I havent pay much attention to computer hardware lately, but when i ask my friend, i5 9400 + Radeon 5600/5700 XT is the way to go for $600'ish to $900 build which are mainly used for gaming and maybe some light video editing. Is that true? or are there better alternative from AMD and Nvidia for the CPU/GPU?
  3. I am asking genuine question, are you even familiar with the game and the modding community?
  4. So my friend just told me that the whole Corona Virus situation is pulled off by the USA to cripple down Chinese Economy.


    Like wtf?

    1. handymanshandle


      That sounds like a really shit plot to a spy movie. I really don't know how someone would get to that conclusion.

  5. So while waiting for my PSU to get RMA'ed, i am only left with this old 2007 Acer laptop that runs windows XP. Lets get to the point, since i can't play modern games on it, i've tried the original Doom with Mods. I tried Brutal Doom V21 with ZDoom and ZDL and i can't perform the infamous fatality moves. What i've tried: 1. Re-installing the games along with ZDoom and ZDL 2. Getting the Berserk Pack and "Give Berserk" Command via Console 3. Pressing R to alternate execution = Doesn't work at all So when i got the berserk pack and punch the enemies, it just send them flying to the wall. Does anyone ever had the same problem?
  6. Which drives? the working one or the old HGST and WD? because those two cant even spin and did not get detected. as for the working one, yes i did everything and it has no issues aside from USB 3.0 limitation. Already did most software related thingy, sorry i didn't mention it. The only thing that i havent try is to get another adapter. But i don't know whether its the main issue or not. I was hoping if someone had similar issue before and managed to fix it someway or somehow. But thanks for the help.
  7. Well you're gonna lose some feature with low end motherboard and low quality vrms which is bad for OC. But if you don't mind that, then go ahead. But make sure it has a good warranty.
  8. But it happen with any PC. When i plug in the drive, it start to spin but then it starts to slow down and start accelerating again in a loop. Strangely, some low capacity HDD and high capacity SSD work just fine.
  9. Sorry, its a single slot dockingstation. And its wall plugged but i am not sure if its also needs power from the USB. But since it came with the wall adapter, i don't think it is.
  10. Hi folks, ive been fan of linus and silent reader on LTT for a very long time. I've always find the solution for my problem here but apparently not this one, that's why i create an account and hopefuly you guys can help me. I bought this HDD Docking from Orico, it came with 12V 2.0A adapter. The problem is, it doesn't seem to have enough power to spin my old HGST dan WD Drives. I can hear it spinning and then it stop, and it continue to spin again in a loop. And yes, its not the hard drive, the hard drives works fine if i plug it into my PC. However, some low capacity hard drive and SSD works just fine when i plug it in the DockingStation. Would buying another adapter with higher AMP rating will help? Thanks in advance.