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  1. Yes. My original post was about the inconvenience of needing to reach to the back of the case. I should have specified that I wasn't looking for necessarily the cheapest solutions to this issue (needing to reach at the back of my case). Though within reason. I'm not expecting to spend over $200 to fix this problem.
  2. The speakers I have are the Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z200. While I can plug them to the speakers there isn't a microphone input. Would want to use both in most situations when I plug my headset.
  3. Yes that's the solution I've been doing so far. The Sennheiser pc37x comes with a 3m cable so length isn't an issue. The problem here is that I'd rather plug my headset to something that's at the front of my PC rather than reaching behind my case, unplugging my speakers, plugging my headset and then when I'm done reaching to the back again and unplugging the headset and plugging the speakers back in. Unless I'm missing something here?
  4. I recently purchased the Sennheiser pc37x. The audio quality on these is great however I've run into an issue with using the microphone. When plugging the microphone through the front IO of my NZXT s340 case there's this horrible screeching sound. I've tried playing around around with settings and I've double checked that the front panel connectors are correctly fastened to my motherboard but nothing has helped. However, when I plug the microphone at the back of the case I experience no issues. Normally I use this headset only when gaming with friends and having to reach behind my case every time I want to use my headset has become a bit of a hassle. I'm trying to figure out the next steps I could take to fix this issue and I've come up with the following. I'm open to other suggestions. Solution 1: Getting a DAC with microphone and headphone inputs. The thinking here is I'd have a box on my desk where I could easily plug/unplug my headset when needed. Solution 2: Upgrade my pc case Ideally I would like to keep keep the same style of case I currently have. White case with a clear side panel. Looking at a case like the NZXT 510 I'm seeing that there's a single "Headset audio Jack". Does this type of port allow for both the use of the microphone and headphones of my headset granted I'm using the right cable? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated along with alternat solutions that I might be overlooking. Thanks,