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  1. Nothing has changed. When i hit FN&F5 it allows me to select what style of lighting i want but when i hit F5 to save the selection all the key lights go off and stay off? I cant seem to find any online support for this product grrr.
  2. Hi guys. I’ve recently built my first gaming pc and I’m using the above keyboard. Normally when I hit the FN key and F5 I’m able to address the lighting on the keyboard. For some reason this isn’t working now. The FN lock key is off. I’ve checked the F keys and they operate as normal. I’ve deleted the software and reinstalled it but it’s still the same. Have any of you guys got any advice to sort this out? I’ve looked round the internet to no joy. cheers
  3. I’ve deactivated that mouse setting. What exactly does that affect?
  4. Ye. I am very new. Mainly just playing Warzone. I can’t seem to get the mouse feel right. How do people play with a low dpi but manage to turn on a dime?
  5. Hi guys. I’m new to the pc gaming world but wow I have noticed how many of you guys laser on Warzone. Is it just me being bad or are so many people actually using software to enhance there gaming ability??
  6. At the moment all ive got is the 3 fan leads plugged into fan slots on the board and the d-rgb lead is now disconnected from the jrainbow2 slot on the board. The case buttons now operate the lighting. ideally id like to operate them via the mystic lighting software. Whether that is an option or not im unsure
  7. but thats not going to enable me to control the rgb via mystic is it? sorry for being an idiot at this
  8. thanks, but that really doesn't clear anything up for me. the way i interpret this was that the cable labelled d-rgb fans needed to go into the jrainbow2 slot on the board. that hasnt worked at all though. So I'm stumped
  9. hi guys. ive got the above as part of a new build ive put together but i cant for the life of me control the rgb on the fans from MSI Mystic lighting? I have the d-rgb cable from the fans plugged into the jrainbow2 3 pin on my board. By having like this i cant control it via mystic lighting or with the buttons on the case. When i unplug the 3 pin from the jrainbow2 slot I am able to control the rgb via the buttons on my case. What i'd like to do is control it via mystic lighting, is it possible? have i wired them incorrectly? i have no idea so any advice would be great thanks.
  10. ok thanks guys. ive already managed to download the update on my xbox in a couple of hours.
  11. Hi guys, im completely new to pc gaming and ive been downloading the latest update for Warzone all day. My download speed is 70Mbps but im only getting a speed of 450kbps whilst downloading the update. Am i missing something? im in the UK so my region is set to Europe if that helps.
  12. The dragon software doesn’t seem to control any software on the board at all. Apart from the couple of leds by the M.2 slots?
  13. What msi software is it?
  14. I’m unsure what model to be honest.