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  1. UPDATE: I found some third party apps that able to convert MBR to GPT without removing files But I didn't use it to convert my old HDD I dont see any problem after using for a while If there is no problem then dont fix it Since my HDD is old, I Figure i backup my files to be safe
  2. UPDATE: Finally I found the cause of the screen tearing Hear my story (It's also for me to Remember this) After a while, I decided to send back my GPU for RMA, While waiting for my GPU back, i use some old GT 210 card Suprise-suprise, screen tearing still happening even on Youtube After that I suspect that PSU is failing to power I Bought new PSU for that After sometime before my I put in new PSU, The RMA guy said my GPU have no problem, They ask if i wanted to upgrade to GTX 1660 super with additional cost I approve it and they sent back my GPU with Upgrade to GTX 1660 Super After the receiving upgraded GPU, I install the new PSU and GPU And test the game & etc Wowwwww, Screen Tearing still HAPPENING !!! I am raging so hard right then Finally it comes to conclusion that my monitor is the root cause of the screen tearing, I tried my PC on my TV, it got no problem. I tried using Laptop connected to my monitor, just testing youtube, screen tearing happen So I thought before I ruled everything out, I tried using different HDMI Cable, using different different electricity socket, its still happen Then I tried limiting my FPS on chrome and game via nvidia control panel with Vsync On, still happening I lost hope to troubleshoot further, i have done everything. While searching for new monitor and watching review on youtube, I didnt see any screen tearing. I wonder why, could it be that my monitor too hot or the socket adapter too hot I tried gaming, no screen tearing You never guess what it is IT THE MONITOR PICTURE SETTING !!! I always use custom or the gaming setting And a few months ago i tried other picture setting, and found the CINEMA SETTING looks better To verify, i tried gaming in my custom setting and the CINEMA setting, It really is the CINEMA setting that cause the screen tearing in youtube, gaming, etc who knows that this could cause chaos for me! I bought everything new because of it. After almost 4 months of stressing and troubleshooting the screen tearing Finally, I can rest in piece for the troubleshooting I can finally play game after months of hiatus Thank you guys for helping and spending time in reading my post P.S. I forgot to mention my monitor It is LG 25UM57 wide screen (1080x2560) For anyone in the future who might think this is helpful
  3. Sadly i dont have the Q-Code LED display on my Motherboard My motherboard is using AMI Bios So there are 2 type of 2 short beep I only read about top one (memory parity) I dont think my RAM is bad, i just got a new one
  4. I also updated my driver to the latest from the nvidia website A bit of possibility of gpu failing is even now i sometime get 2 short beep from booting Then attempt to restart, it get normal again
  5. i bought it in Sept 2015 The GPU bought in April 2018 DDU = Display driver uninstaller ? I just install a new windows, therefore everything is just freshly installed The GPU has one click OC, but I seldom use it When playing the game, i didn't OC it
  6. Hi, guys I am having a problem I was using an old pc (close to 5 year now) with this spec below Processor = i7-4790 Motherboard = gigabyte H97M DS3H RAM = team elite 2x8gb 1600 mhz GPU = Colorful GTX 1060 6gn PSU = Seasonic G series 450 Watt Sometime it will not boot, with beep code (AMI bios) of 1 long 3 short (memory) and sometime 2 short (parity error) I was able to boot after several attempt of replug the RAM, GPU, or change RAM slot. After testing all the RAM slot, I got 1 slot that was broken. I think that my Motherboard is failing. And then after some weeks, I was getting screen tearing at 1/3 at bottom of my screen, when watching youtube or gaming Then I decided to get a new MB and RAM Processor = Ryzen 2600 MB = Asrock B450M Steel legend RAM = t-force dark z alpha 2x8gb 3200mhz GPU and PSU still the same Now the problem still arise The screen still tearing when playing game Now it is possible that the issue here is the GPU or even my PSU? I attach the picture below VID_20200603234222.mp4.3c66cc7b644c68f97dc1c2ca0b7441ad.mp4
  7. Hi, guys I got a new PC that I am going to install using Old Storage Device: 1 Sata SSD (Drive C) and 1 HDD (Drive D & E) I will install Windows 10 in the Drive C and format the drive And HDD just swapping from old to the new pc because it has my file in it The question is: the old SSD and HDD is MBR type partition I am planning to install GPT type partition into the SSD Can I convert my old HDD from MBR to GPT without losing the file (Which got 2 partition in it) ? Thanks
  8. Alright I will just format it in the during the installation and maybe try to use the software or just copy my file to another drive, I read the manual for M2_2 second port use up the SATA_3 port, but it didn't matter because i got a SATA SSD Thank you so much for the help, mariushm
  9. Hi, guys I got an old pc with HDD (Drive D & E) and SSD (Drive C with windows 7) I going to install windows 10 in a new PC using old SSD and HDD Do I need to format my SSD in the old PC before installing in a new one, and can I use my old HDD without formatting (Plug and use) ? Thanks
  10. Ok, Thank you, williamcll & SupaKomputa Kudos
  11. Ok, Another question What about the Limit of 2933 mhz on ryzen 2000 series Do i need to do anything to use RAM that have >2933 mhz
  12. Hi, guys I'm planning to buy Proc = Ryzen 2600 MB = ASROCK B450M Steel Legend But i got confused in choosing the RAM Compatibility, RAM = Patriot Viper 4 Blackout 2x8gb 3000mhz or Team Dark Z Alpha 2x8gb 3200 mhz both RAM price about the same (~$90) But when i look at the Asrock Motherboard RAM list it didn't list those RAM (https://www.asrock.com/MB/AMD/B450M%20Steel%20Legend/#MemoryPR) Or should i buy something else? Thanks