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  1. I got a new psu a corsair cs750m and im still getting restarts. So now everything has been swapped out for new parts except for the cpu, does that mean that the cpu is causing it?
  2. So the only thing that appears in the event viewer is a 'critical error 41' source kernel-power and the description is - The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly. Does that indicate anything relevant? As for the power supply it has 54amps on the +12v rail which is 648 watts and 20amps on the +5v which is 100w this should be plenty for the parts im using right? Iv done a new windows install on a newly added m.2 ssd. As for the reset button i ended up unplugging all the front panel connectors just to be safe and i thought this had fixed it because the problem didn't happen for a whole day, but it did end up restarting itself again. I guess i could be. In that case is there much i can do about it? The really strange thing is there is no consistency to the restarting for example i might be trying to play battlefield 5 and the first time i launch the game it'll crash before the menu and the second ill be able to play for 2-3 hours. Also i might be playing a game with no issues for ages and get bored and launch a different game and that one will restart the PC as soon as i launch the game. What wrong with that gpu? Is galax not a reliable brand? I actually have an Asus 1070 that i tried as well and that didn't help. unfortunately i dont have an other psu to try and all my friends have laptops, i would be willing to buy another but i would like to be sure that the psu is the issue before i do that. To be honest though i really dont see what else it could be other than a driver issue. The reason i took so long to reply is because i had a good couple of days without the restarting and there was so may things i tried before that, that i have no idea what caused that to happen...
  3. Just built a pc with all new parts except for the gpu and ssd: r5 3600 16gb gskill ram b450 aorus elite antec eagpro 650w galax 1060 6gb toshiba sata ssd WD green hdd It was working fine until i tried to play a game. So completely randomly windows with restart it self without a blue screen or any kind of error message, it mostly happens while im gaming although once or twice it restarted while i was browsing on chrome. Sometime it will do it after an hour or two, sometimes 15mins or even when as soon as i get into the games menu. Does seem to be different for certain games though for example i cant get past the menu on Civ 6, Ghost Recon breakpoints will last 5-10min and Total war 3k might go for a couple of hours. Its a new windows 10 install and my temps seem ok getting max of 65c on the gpu under full load and about 75 max on the cpu with about 40-60% load. Iv tried a few things like reseating the ram , running memtest, checked the drive health said it was all good, the os is on the ssd and all my game files are on the hdd. BIOS is updated to latest, all drivers are upto date, someone told me to turn off automatic restart and turn off fast startup which i did. Iv tried using both the balanced and high performance power plans. Did sfc/ scannow and it said it found corrupted file and repaired them but that didnt make any difference. I was downloading all my games and feel like the restarts happened more often while downloading i could be wrong though, using Ethernet at the moment still waiting for my wireless adaptor to arrive. Also i doubt this is related but i get alot a crackling noise on both my speakers and usb headset which never happened on my old PC. So would like suggestions on what to try next, Cheers!
  4. Got a Strix GTX 980 ti from a mate because he wasn't able to get it to display anything. Plugged it into my brand new build all completely new parts expect the gpu and also had the same problem. I found out it isnt detected in device manager or NVIDIA control panel. I dont have integrated graphics im using a gt 710 in the bottom slot for troubleshooting. New Windows 10 install Latest drivers are installed including GPU and chipset drivers I have the latest bios Iv looked for settings to play around with in the bios but cant seem to find much other than changing pcie gen although iv never used gigabyte motherboards before. Looked for any hidden devices in device manager but found nothing relevant I ran this command bcdedit /set pciexpress forcedisable Tried with a different monitor Tried hdmi, dvi and dp Im also running the pc plugged into a wall socket not through a power board Specs are R5 3600 Gigabyte arous elite b450 2x8gb gskill ripjaws v 256gb Toshiba SSD And the 980ti + gt710 PSU is a Corsair cs750m but iv also tried with a antec ea650g pro Not sure what to try next so suggestions would be great.