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  1. This was my suspicion. Thinking of getting a 2060 Super as a replacement... Im not too eager for an upgrade since i was very happy with my GTX 1080. Any chance you think this could be caused by a PSU issue? i have a Corsair VS-550w. Which is sufficient for my PC's needs but i'm worried that it may be causing the issue.
  2. Yes i have, As soon as i even try to change the fan speeds, it shoots up to full jet-engine sounds
  3. I’ve tried the most recent drivers, and also drivers from a couple months ago. Neither seem to work 2nd time I’ve had an issue with Gigabyte cards so I’m thinking of just RMA and get an MSI... I’ve run out of things to try!
  4. Hey guys, got a new GPU here after i had a faulty RTX 1080. Worked like a dream for a week, but now whenever i play anything remotely graphic intense the fans will rev up to full RPM and the only way to slow it down is to shut down my PC. I have performed a DDU reset to get old drivers out, issue persists. I've reseated the whole GPU too, everything is where it should be and nothing is in the way of the fans. Also, when keeping track of my fans in GPU-Z i cannot see the RPM at all, even when its full speed and sounding like a jet. I've tried adjusting the fan speeds in Aorus Engine but it will not control the fans, its like there is only two settings, low RPM or full-turbo. May be also worth noting that the GPU temp has never gone past 63c. The temps in the case are all good. Kind of lost on what to do to be honest! Any help would be greatly appreciated :)