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  1. I've not dived into the logs (I look at logs all day in my day job...not really something I'd like to spend my private time on) but the performance has been much better since I've set the client to use 11 cores, instead of default -1. Since then I'm back at 2M PPD and it's been stable. If the problem resurfaces I'll investigate more thoroughly. Thanks for the suggestions!
  2. Thanks. I've fiddled with some setting in the F@H client itself and will leave it on for now and observe if it changes anything. Estimated PPD looks more promising now but time will tell...
  3. I can't say yes or no to that, though I've just used auto timings since day 1. No XMP profiles, no manual memory settings. What makes you think it will make such a big difference in this situation?
  4. I've been running F@H for almost a month now on a 9900K + 2080. The CPU is set to 4800MHz on all cores. Until recently I was succesfully folding and getting around 2M points and 20-30 WU's daily. Recently it got a bit warmer round where I live so, due to more frequent BSODs, I've dropped the CPU to 4700MHz. This is the only change I've made. It's since stable, but my daily points and WUs have dropped about ten-fold. Why such a big reduction? I've tried to find and answer in this forum and elsewhere, but failed. Apologies if it's something obvious, but I'm really curious why this is happening. Thanks in advance.