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  1. Ok, now i get it. I might give it a try first thing tomorrow. Thanks
  2. So you're suggesting that I'll try it with other compatible motherboards?
  3. Hahaha, rofl. It really is a sawtooth thumbnail. Just makin fun out of myself cutting my nails, and for our province here in the philippines we're going through under community quarantine.
  4. Yeah man, wooh. Just got bad bad bad luck. Now im gonna save money for another build again, tssk. I saved money for that build, it was my dream piece. It took me f*ckin 3 years for saving money on that rig. Im just a student. And lived in a poor country phil's. Pheew And by the way thanks for the info about Broadwell-E
  5. Yeah, i was just too exited and in a hurry to setup my computer in my house, wished i could've let them test it before i claiming it and go home, but this shop here at our place is not really a licensed repair/retail computer shop, it's sort of to be called a "a friend and a computer geek guy's shop" rofl. So i just let him did all the work coz he loves computers and stuff and i frust him, but it's this his "apprentice tech repair service guy" did all work what i offered my friend a favor. Big bad luck pshhhh.
  6. Hello, just got my computer back from the shop for maintenance and after setting it up in my house. I wonder why my motherboard is lighting up but wont POST, so i tried to troubleshoot like removing the rams and checked everything until then when i removed the heatsink of the processor after opening the tray i tried to remove it but its like hard to remove until then when i removed successfully the processor i noticed lately the pcb of the processor has a little crack bent on the corners, so i figured this was install incorrectly by the shop technitian. Can we still fix this? What to do? Pictures are attached.