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  1. How do brands like Apevia get away with selling bad products to people. It just doesn't make sense how they can sell hardware that has the possibility to ruin your pc and get away with it.
  2. i have had the pre built for a long time and im pretty sure its a standard psu (the prebuilt is a inspirion 660)
  3. i got a gtx 460 from my uncle and i was planning on putting it in a dell pre built, but the PSU has no power cables for it, so my only choice is to buy a new PSU. i am pretty young so buying expensive thing is hard to do, so i thought this would be a good choice
  4. Is this evga 500 watt psu actually good? i looked on johnny guru about it and they say its pretty good especially for the price. do you think its good? thanks
  5. how would i know which ones are good and which are bad?
  6. i was thinking of buying this PSU but i dont know how reliable it is or if it really has 500 watts. is thermaltake a good brand of PSUs?
  7. i was looking at some EVGA ones because it wouldnt take too long to earn enough money to get it and is more than enough power/wattage for the card. : )
  8. it is an inspirion 660 in u.s.
  9. my pc is a old dell pre built and i just got my first graphics card (a gtx 460 from my uncle) and it needs 2 6 pin pcie power cables, but my pc doesnt even have 1. so i looked around and saw that you could do sata power to 6 pin power, but my psu is only 300 watts and the card that i have needs at least 160 watt so i dont want to risk it. i am young so i cant really buy expensive new parts. do you think you could recommend a cheap 400w - 450w power supply for me thanks
  10. never mind, i got the wattage wrong, sorry it was a gtx 460 this is my first gpu and i just looked up the wattage, but the wattage i saw was 2 gtx 460s in SLI, i got it from my uncle and wanted to make sure it would work with my system but thanks for your help
  11. i have a gpu that uses 400w but my power supply only has a little over 200 watts, but i have two 200w power supplies, could use both of them because the card uses 2 six pin connectors. i know its dumb but i would like to try before i have to pay for a new power supply thanks
  12. Bobskos

    gtx 460

    is there a way to get 6 pin power from a old dell prebuilt like sata power to 6 pin power adapter or something, or should i just get a cheap psu for it. thanks