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  1. I've tried doing this just now but sound won't come out of the speaker, how do i get it to work?
  2. I'm really struggling to fix my audio desync issue, I've been trying for days... (List of stuff I've tried below) The Problem: Audio Desync Whenever i watch anything, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, after about a minute of watching it begins to desync like a badly dubbed film, and it gets worse and worse, refreshing fixes it for another minute until it starts again, its impossible for me to watch or enjoy anything, and it really sucks, especially during lock down (sorry for my excessive use of ,commas, I'm asthmatic) Stuff I've tried - Different browsers (Edge, Opera, Chrome) DIDN'T WORK - Different Drivers (Old drivers, new drivers, windows generic drivers) (Even Graphics Drivers!!) DIDN'T WORK - Different Cables DIDN'T WORK - Changed setting in chrome like 'Hardware acceleration' DIDN'T WORK - Fresh Install of windows DIDN'T WORK - Different settings in windows (Stuff like Bitrate and the 'Hz') DIDN'T WORK - Different speakers (More on that below) I've tried so much stuff and nothing has worked... Now about the different speakers, i've tried loads of different speakers and they all have the same issues, expect from my monitors inbuilt speaker (But its trash) and my monitor sound is controlled by 'NVIDIA High Definition Audio', where as the others are 'Realtek(R)' , so that would leave you to believe its something to do with Realtek but I've tried a bunch of different drivers and settings on that front and nothing works. So I'm just really stumped at what the issue is and its driving me crazy, if anyone can help me with this i would be eternally grateful, I've head this forum is super helpful so my hopes are high. Useful Info Motherboard: Gigabyte B360N WIFI CPU: i5 9400f GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1060 3gb Windows Version: 10.0.18363 Build 18363 Realtek Audio Driver Version: 6.0.8703.1 Graphics Driver Version: 445.87 Thank you.