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  1. Listen buddy. I have been soldering for over 2 decades. I do BGA reballing while live streaming. I can solder circles around EVERYONE there at LMG and this forum. I know what the heck I am doing. This was strictly for POC. Because some of the pins that I had to solder to are .5mm pitch, and I was soldering on a single strand of copper wire, and because I knew I was going to be tossing this board around like a stinking rag doll, YES I WILL PUT THAT MUCH HOT GLUE ON IT! Your ignorance is unbelievable. I have a Aoyue Int 2702A+ Hot Air Rework Station, an Aoyue INT 853A Infared Preheater, tools that I bought and used over a year ago and use on almost a daily basis. I have been doing Wii modifications and low level flash memory repairs for over a decade, and not only was I the person that developed the way to do low level data repairs on the Wii, I am the only person in the world that is doing them at all. You do one bing search on 'DeadlyFoez Wii' and you will be eating your words. Hackaday has published multiple articles on my work with hacking the Wii. You talk to me like I have absolutely no clue of what I am doing. As one of the more well known Wii hackers that there are out there, I am going to kindly ask you to not be such an ignorant and rude embarrassment to your new forum members in the future. Maybe if you watched any bit of my video then you would see exactly why we got to where we are with that. Seriously... that was flipping rude.
  2. Some of the things that I had to solder to was 0.5 mm pitch pins. Those are tiny, and I still needed to flip the thing all around without worrying that I might rip off some traces or break something else.
  3. I have been adding functionality back to Wii's ever since they first started removing them with the Family Edition wii's. I have also added back Wifi, and gamecube ports as well to a mini. Some people prefer the look and top loading design of the Mini. I just did all this for the fun of it and to show that these features can in fact be brought back.
  4. Hey everyone. DeadlyFoez here with another Wii Hack. Just a few nights ago I did a live stream where I added component video to the Wii Mini, a feature that people have been begging me to prove that can be brought back. In the process of this I also restored SD functionality to the Wii Mini, another hack that was also previously pioneered by myself. This is not the cleanest hack as this was solely a POC. The process of this hack was performed over 4 live stream videos that totaled about 4 1/2 hours in length, but we also did some other hackery in the process as well. The videos are listed below. <video link removed by staff> <video link removed by staff> <video link removed by staff> <video link removed by staff> Hey guys, That you for checking out my content and please check out my other Wii Hacking videos on my youtube channel <video link removed by staff>
  5. Hey all. Anyone familiar with the Wii hacking scene may know of my previous work with the Nintendo Wii and hardware hackery. Also, anyone familiar with the wii hacking scene certainly knows of Team Twiizers and their BootMii software used for backing up and restoring the Wii's system software. Well, I would like to share with you something that myself and a fellow hacker have been working on. We, like many others, got our hands on the leaked Nintendo files a few weeks ago. In those leaked filed contained what is known as SDBoot. SDBoot was used in factory for installing the system onto the Wii. My friend (whom asked to not be named anymore) found an exploit in Nintendo's SDBoot code. I was able to flash SDBoot to my Wii with a hardware flasher. The result of which allows us to have BootMii for every model of Wii including the Wii Mini. In the video below you will see a Wii Mini motherboard that I have added an SD card slot and reset button to, and I will turn on the Wii Mini and BootMii will load up right away. <video link removed by staff> This is something that a majority of Wii owners have missed out on as early in the Wii's life Nintendo patched the vulnerability in Boot1 that did allow the installation of Bootmii in Boot2 making it impossible to have this anti-brick feature in most Wii's. I thank you guys for coming and checking this out. I do original hardware hacks to the Wii quite consistently, and as of lately I have been doing a live stream hacking on youtube. If you are interested in seeing more then just check out my youtube channel