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  1. Yeah, although none of those are the same keyboard as mine.
  2. yeah its different to mine, although the brand my keyboard is from (LESHP) doesn't even have a website or a model name for it. It's just "LESHP Mechanical Keyboard"
  3. What brand was it?
  4. Well they aren't very descriptive on what they are, although they are blues the printing on the switches say something along the lines of "Jwl"
  5. Although from what I can tell they most likely outemu blues.
  6. Well for my primary setup a do have a genuine cherry mx blue keyboard and they feel and sound very similar.
  7. So I was recently in the market for a mechanical keyboard for my secondary setup and was looking on ebay and stumbled across a keyboard that supposedly had blue switches and only costed $15. i was skeptical but after looking at a few youtubereviews it seemed like a genuine cherry mx (replica I'm guessing) blue switch mechanical keyboard. Once it came in the mail I was amazed by it, the build quality was great with a metal black plate and little deck flex, decent back lights with only breathing and static modes, (there was an RGB version for about 10 more dollars) and I was wondering how they could accomplish this for only 15 bucks?