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  1. I am writing this from my new Xeon W-2275 workstation. All that was needed was a BIOS upgrade which were very easy to do with the ASUS Flashback feature. Create the BIOS/USB, rename the BIOS file as written in the manual. Plug it in, push the button, let it blink green for a few mins and there you go. I did have the CPU/memory installed but I don't think that was necessary. I think the only requirement was ATX power. Much credit to Radium_Angel for the tip. ASUS own support gave the following answer: "Q-Code DF is not a normal error code, this is developement use only. This code combination with red Q-lED light suggests a CPU problem. After the troubleshooting you have already done, this problem most likely is the motherboard. Please contact the retailer where you bought your system from for warranty processing." LTT>ASUS confirmed ;)
  2. Interesting... thanks for the tip. I had a look at the BIOS Flashback feature which would allow you to update BIOS without CPU/GPU or even memory. I think I'll try this out.
  3. Hello, Quick question. Has anyone got the combo ASUS C422/PRO/SAGE and Intel Xeon W-2275 CPU working? Thus far I've had two motherboards (both the ASUS WS C422 PRO/SE and ASUS WS C422-SAGE) and three CPUs and none are working. I made a thread about the first issue I had: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1198774-bios-loop/ Now, with the ASUS WS C422-SAGE card I don't even get into BIOS. The system starts and signal Q-LED "DF" and the CPU-LED is red. I've tried with two CPUs, no visible damage or anything. I use a Noctua NH D15 cooler and installation has always been smooth. I am beginning to think this combo is completely non-compatible....
  4. Hello anyone... just anyone... help! I am stuck in a BIOS loop on my motherboard ASUS PRO W C422 ACE. The computer starts and messages that it has booted in safe mode and that I should verify the BIOS settings, possibly to check UEFI settings. Once I save and restart nothing happens. The Q-code signal 00 and the CPU LED is static red. I've checked all components and I can't see any damage to either socket or CPU. I've stripped the system of all other components except for the CPU, GPU and one memory stick. I've tried to clear CMOS, upgrade to latest BIOS etc. but nothing helps. Sometimes I get a different error saying that the RAID controller needs to be installed and that BIOS settings must be made. But I always circle back to secure mode, boot and 00. Is there anything else I can try or is the motherboard dead? Or is it the CPU? ASUS PRO WS C422-ACE Intel Xeon W-2275 Kingston DDR4 2933MHz ECC Reg 32GB (KSM29RD4/32MEI) AMD Radeon GT360 I've checked both the GPU and PSU on another system and both are working fine.