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  1. Oh, so there's no dedicated port(s)? That greatly simplifies things. Sounds like I can just get an expander card to take off the metal bracket and find a way to screw it down somewhere in the case.
  2. How do you connect the LSI HBA to the RES2SV240? I looked at the Ebay listing above but do not see where the input cables should go.
  3. Ok that clarifies things. It sounds like a GE processor is mostly useful when a computer is doing something intensive.
  4. I see the white molex connector and will do some research for what I need. Thanks again for your insights.
  5. I have a Ryzen 5 Pro G and wish to know if it can be set up to use less power like a Ryzen 5 Pro GE. This is to reduce the power bill if I leave the computer running as a file server. The motherboard is a Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac. It already has a Ryzen 3 Pro GE on it but I don't know if it'll be enough to run video games every now and then.
  6. Thank you. I figured that PCIE is just for power. Does this card have inputs to connect it with a SAS HBA? I suppose there is a standalone PCIE connector that be powered directly by a PSU through SATA power or molex.
  7. I come in peace. Linus' videos convinced me to join this temple of knowledgeable people More seriously, I wish to know what exists in terms of SAS extender backplanes. Is it possible to have an extender backplane that does not need to be plugged into a PCIe slot? If so, what do you recommend on Ebay?