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    Intel Core i5-8250u
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    8Gb DDR4
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    Nvidia MX110
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    240GB SSD + 1TB HDD
  1. the problem is in inbuilt keyboard laptop, and i ve used external keyboard. Ok thanks
  2. Yes, sometime to clean the desk and keyboard
  3. So since january 2020, i started using external keyboard, to expand my laptop keyboard life. But i dont know exactly this happened. My laptop keyboard some of the key are not working properly. That keys are Tab, Caps Lock, left side Shift, T, Y, Backspace, Enter, and \. Mine is Lenovo Ideapad 130 14SID, i have search in lenovo forum and didnt find anyhting help. Even the moderator didnt tell how to fix it except bringing it to service centre, but you guys know this corona im afraid of infected, so anyone know how to fix it? Dont answer try to remove keyboard from device manager, i have try it and nothing happen.