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  1. Cinebench R20 and AIDA64extreme. Let me capture the other details and get back to you.
  2. Hi Team, My Name is Subramanya, I am from Bangalore, India. I am an IT professional I head the IT for my office and I am huge pc gaming enthusiast. I own myself decent rig. I am huge fan of you guys, I have been following Linus videos since 2010 way back when the videos was called NCIX tech tips. I dont miss any video of yours. I am kind of run my Own tech tips (not any youtube or forum) with friends circle, in office, family everywhere, I always tell people to check out your videos. This is my rig spec Intel core i7 7700k, MSI Gaming Pro Carbon 270, 32 GB (4x8) 3000 MHZ Corsair vengeance pro RGB, EVGA SC2 1080 GTX, Cooler master master care pro 6, CM lite 600W, CM Master fan air flow RGB fans, CM Masterliquid 240, Samsung 950 EVO NVME 500GB, Seagate 2 TB HDD, ACER XB241h, Logitech g502, Logitech G 413, Logitech G35, Razer vespula. :) Ok, here is my question for you guys, I got my rig back in 2017 August, My CPU runs pretty toasty its always hot. Now it has got worse hitting temps upto 97 C in stress test. So, I was just wonder is it time to change the cooler? Please suggest me on how to fix the hotness problem of my CPU.