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  1. I got three temperature from a monitoring software for my motherboard Temp #1 Temp #2 Temp #3 and temp#1 hit a maximum of 90 degree Celsius is that okay ?
  2. Okay !! right now i have the asus vg259q been using it for like 3 days so far is pretty awesome ! so i am just going back and forth with what i should do LOL
  3. wait why does it cause eye strain if it look sharer shouldn't it be the other way around !! ?? my eye sign is not bad but also not good
  4. Where i live it cost 100 USD more idk if that is worth :/
  5. Thanks haha !! i was researching a lot about 24-27 inches ips monitor with 144hz refresh rate and these seem to be the best choices. But is weird how much the LG cost more then the asus were i live
  6. ok ok looks like i might have to return my ASUS VG259Q i currently have and drop that 170+ dollar
  7. is it worth the 170 Dollar for 1440P and 27 inch instead of 24.5 inch 1080P ?
  8. I am planning to build a PC when the new RTX 3000 series comes out and probably getting a RTX 3070 i play league mostly and sometime plan to play triple A games like RDR2 and Mafia 3 Current set up is I7-2600, GTX 1660, 16GB RAM
  9. ASUS VG259Q ( 24.5 inch 1080P 144hz) - 260 USD ASUS VG27AQ (27 inch 1440P 144hz) - 430 USD LG 27GL850 (27 inch 1440p 144hz) - 520 USD These are the option i narrow down to ! now the real option is which one should i buy is it worth investing in 1440P if i upgrade GPU every 2 or 3 years?
  10. let say if price is not a factor which one would be the better one ?
  11. No i like it i come from a 2010 syncmaster 2370 so is really easy to be satisfied LOL but i am just not sure if the one i have is the best 144hz 1080P