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  1. probably the only difference is its vdh but im sure its the same do you think i will be ok??
  2. Thank you!! you have been a big help. by the why i have msi h310m pro-vdh plus i could not find the max power but im sure i will be fine. Thank you.
  3. I think i know what you mean this is my setup of ALL my two headers sys_fan: 1x non rgb 120mm case fan cpu_fan: intel cpu cooler and i want to add two more fans on to cpu_fan i hope this helps my question
  4. its white led and its a 4pin if that helps by two more i mean andding two fans on to my one stock cpu fan so in all i would have 3 fans on one header i am using upHere LED Quiet Edition High Airflow 120mm 4pin Case Fan i also have one exhaust fan on different header witch i am leaving alone
  5. I want to use two more fans with my cpu cooler via a 3 way splitter. Will this damage any thing???