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  1. That's why I want a review, deadzone is not a big problem if trajectory prediction algorithm is well designed, especially your finger will never be in somewhere that is not contacted by any key. That would give enough data for sensor and algorithm to make accurate speculation. But dirt is a good point, sweaty hands like me may face some serious problems even after short-term use.
  2. Well different people have different ideas, things like trackpoint is far more than useless for me.
  3. It might be but I think it is much more modernized as the touch area is almost the entire keyboard. I would say that is a much better solution if it really works well.
  4. I really want to buy it but it seems it is not currently available in north America, ebay has only one seller but not sure if it's genuine.
  5. Would LTT consider make a review about Clevetura's newly announced keyboard that integrated trackpad on the keys, it looks amazing and seems to be a much better solution than iPad's magic keyboard.