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  1. Got it. Thanks a lot for helping me out.
  2. Thanks man for the clarification on the board.
  3. Unfortunately in my country (India) we don't get the Ryzen 1600AF. My usage would mostly be 80 % gaming and rest web browsing/ light ms office work. So is it better if I shift to 3300x or stay with 2600?
  4. I am planning to buy Ryzen 2600 (₹13,500) and Asrock B450 Pro 4 (₹7,000). Is this a good combination or is there an better combination. The Tomahawk is (₹11,000) and the ryzen 3600 is ₹17,000 almost close to 2700
  5. Hi, I am planing to build a mid tier pc with Ryzen 3600 and a 1660(s)/2060(s) and I am confused between cooler master k501l and MSI Forge 100R. Please suggest if you have any other case better than this with maximum budget of 4500-5000. I live in India and I can buy from. https://mdcomputers.in/ https://www.vedantcomputers.com/
  6. Yea. My current pc is almost an decade old too at this point.
  7. Yea you could say so. I am just building my first pc and I am gonna buy the parts in batches. Can't afford to buy them all at once.
  8. I am actually thinking to build a new pc in few weeks. I currently have a GeForce 210 and plan to buy a 2060 super after few months but in the meanwhile should I buy a 3300x and use my 210 as a display output or should I buy an APU ?
  9. Okay. Which cpu would you recommend then?
  10. Thanks man for all the advice you have given me. It really cleared out lot of things for me.
  11. I know this is the graphic card forum but reading all this should I opt of 3300x and go for 2600 ? Can't go for 3600 as I am already crossing my budget for 2060s instead of 2060
  12. Yep and I have another question which may be extremely dumb. I just saw the delivery time frame and they are saying that it may take upto 3-4 weeks to dispatch any graphic card. So can I in the meanwhile put a GeForce 210 on b450 mortar to have display output untill my graphic card is sent to me?
  13. Plan to have this pc for a long time so gonna go for 2060s. Thanks everyone for helping me out. For a new beginner I learnt a lot about graphic card.
  14. I currently have a potato pc. GeForce 210 and Intel duo, 2 gb ram. Used to play on my Dell Inspiron Laptop with Intel 7th gen i3 processor
  15. They are almost the same price. The pulse RX 5700 and 2060 Super Dual. So which one should I go for ?
  16. My bad that I forgot to mention it. I currently have a 1080p 60 refresh rate monitor. If my pc is capable of handling 1440p may shift to that after few months
  17. Right now. The 2060 and 2070 are same price and the RX 5700 and DUAL GEFORCE RTX 2060 SUPER are slightly higher but I can afford them if they are worth it
  18. They are marginally expensive than this both. But if you feel it's better than 2070. I can go for that.
  19. I am going to build my first pc in few days and I am confused about pairing an Ryzen 3 3300x with either the above graphic cards as both their price is same in my country ( India )
  20. Between ryzen 3300x and Ryzen 5 2600 for GeForce 2070 ? Which one would you recommend? This is going to be my first build so I am not sure about which parts to pair with each other