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  1. Oh lol fair enough. I guess I'm quick to assume. Anyway, thanks for that I'll definitely go there and ask.
  2. I guess so, not entirely sure what u mean though. Edit: aight I realised. I thought it would be fairly simple to have a cross platform socket library but maybe I just don't know enough. I'm not the most experienced with cpp in the world.
  3. I need a client-server model networking library (for a game) using TCP in C++ and it needs to be cross platform (i.e. windows and Linux). I've found many things (the closest I've found is ZeroMQ but it doesn't work for the client-server model I need) but none of them seem suitable. I also need the library to not be huge (i.e. not boost or SDL or Qt or anything else that has way more stuff than just networking). Thanks in advance.