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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 2600
  • Motherboard
    Asus tuf gaming x570
  • RAM
    8x2 gskill memory
  • GPU
    RX 5600XT
  • Case
    NZXT h510
  • Storage
    512gb inland ssd
    1tb harddrive
    256gb m.2 ssd
    120gb PNY ssd
  • PSU
    650W EVGA
  • Display(s)
  • Cooling
    HYPER 210EVO rgb
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
    LOGITECH G300s
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  1. I got an RX 5600xt, I've noticed this a few months ago and thought nothing of it. But every time I open a video stream like twitch or YouTube, 1 sec in the video gets a filter applied to it. Wondering if anyone else has gotten this behavior or is it just me.
  2. FIXED, I downloaded atiflash from techpowersup website and command lined flashed it. it wasnt working with the one amd provided. for reference amdvbflash -f -p "index of gpu" "bios rom name"
  3. I wanted to update the bios to the lastest version found on the site. Now i can not boot into windows. Ive put another card into the x8 slot to get it working. I saved the old bios to my desktop before flashing. So i tried to flash it with the old one again, But its now working. saying error in vbios image. I Used the bios correction tool on the website before and now it says the its a gv-rx57xt and its not taking the gv-rx56xtgaming oc-6gd/fz2/09fe. I was trying to update it to F2 on the website. then to F3. because it didnt want to update to f3. I need this card to work. amd ryzen 2600 asus tuf gaming x570 16 gb gskill ram gigabyte radeon rx 5600 xt gaming oc rev 2.0 i put a gt 710 in there as secondary to get it to boot.
  4. It worked, thank you. althrough there is some bugs with performances my other gpu worked.
  5. well i can do that, but will that spilt up my monitors?
  6. is there a way to set the computer to use it for chrome that way it take it to render chrome and frees the other one for a game. or is that what your talking about
  7. PC - AMD ryzen 5 2600 gigabyte b450 aorus pro wifi 16 gb ram amd rx 580 8gb nvidia gt 710 2gb I have my old gt 710 from another build, ive noticed that i cant run graphic processes like youtube or video cant render when im playing games. Im wondering if theres a way to use my old graphic card for this process.
  8. Not the best way but I used a leaf blower and some wipes. I wouldn't recommend if you don't know what you're doing.
  9. the reason i use radeon is because ive been having conflicts with afterburner the two softwares clash and i cant get a stable overclock when both are installed. Afterburner keeps the gpu at max mhz all the time. if theres a way i can use afterburner that would me better
  10. I'm trying to overclock my rx 580 graphic card. Got a good 1430 mhz out of it. but my problem is the radeon software doesn't have an apply overclock on startup. so i have to manual start up the radeon software and put in my overclock every time i start my pc. If anyone can help me figure out a better way to do this.