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  1. We both own the rog ga15Dh which we both recently purchased not even a month ago so id assume we should ultimately get the same average fps. Both have 1440p monitors at 144hz. My gpu temp while in game sits at 76 degrees his temp avgs 80. My cpu temp avg 67 degrees while in game I updated my bios once i got the pc. as for motherboard i have no idea it came in the prebuilt. I attempted to look it up but im still ultimately new to a desktop.
  2. Hi everyone so i recently bought a desktop with a 3700x + 2070super when i play warzone maxed out im avg 67-90 fps but my friend who has the exact same pc down to the hardware gets up to avg 120fps and never drops below 100fps i have compared all settings and still no luck on why i wouldnt be getting troughly the same fps battlefield v is even worse as i get 70 fps on ultra 1440p 144hz. And he gets over 100 fps any advice here?