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  1. Yes, but the world is in a pandemic, my friends parents probably wouldn't let me enter for their safety so I'll have to work out something with him.
  2. I'm not quite sure it's the cpu because I bought it recently at microcenter, but it could be possible to get a dead cpu and I'll try to clear the cmos a good time.
  3. Lent my ram and gpu to someone i trust and they said it worked and i still have same problem if i take them out and leave cpu with ram (No power) and with no ram . Also used different ram and still have the same problem. Also want to lend cpu so they can test but idk about that, dont want them to bend pins.
  4. So i got my Ryzen 5 2600x and was excited to get my computer up and running but was disappointed to see that my motherboard will not power. I took out my cpu and left my ram and gpu in and it powered on with no problem and the cpu light flashed red (no cpu installed) i tried updating the bios and its not my ram and gpu for sure but board will power with them installed. I have the ryzen 5 2600x and B450 Tomahawk (Non max). Pls help. NOTE: If its my cpu i may still be able to get it exchanged.