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  1. I recently dismantled my pc. The ram i have is hyperX genesis. Two sitcks of 8gb ram ddr3. Sorry for taking so long.. Thank you for your help
  2. Unfortunely i wont upgrade my cpu anytime soon.. so yeah i will have to deal with it. It is stil more than playable. I just wanted to know a little more about the fps difference when in comparsion with benchmarks i see. Well i geuss is the cpu as i thought . Thank you.
  3. Medium to High settings. 1080p. The games where i see the behavior i described are assassincs creed unity and origins. My CPU usage is always above 70%, and changing graphcs doesnt improve performance to much. That are the games where i see most difference, but i always feel that i get less performance from my GPU whith some video i see. However as i said, they usually run more modern CPU, like ryzen 5 and 7, or 8th or 9th gen I5. Do you think is my CPU holding back my graphics card on games that are more CPU itensive ? This behavior isnt so predominant on other game, and i noticed that CPU usage is more stable and isnt so high as the games i sad before. Thank you
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I actually noticed that to. For example on Assassins´s Creed Unity and origins, my cpu has the same behavior has you described, One thing i noticed is that in those games the CPU usage is above 70% even reaching 90% sometimes. Thats why i think it bottlenecks my Rx 570. I noticed to that changing graphics on those games doesnt make much difference aside the AA or Ambient Oclusion for example.
  5. Hi there ! If you have the setup mentioned in the title please respond. I just want to ask some questions about the performance on that setup. It always seems that i have less performance in games (about 10- 20 fps) with Rx570 4gb when compared with benchmarks and gameplay i see. Could it be my cpu ? My Gpu is at 100% however my CPU has a lot more percentage of usage that the videos i see. However they use more modern processors. So if you could give me your feedback i would be so gratefull.
  6. Im not sure about the moder of the ram. Ther are from kingston and are dark blue. However they are not the famous hyper x fury, cause they dont have that agressive look. However in terms of size they look preety similar.
  7. Do you guys think that there will be a problem in terms of space ? Im going to buy a phanteks p400a, so in terms of the case there is no problem. However i have 2 8gb ram sticks form kingston. I think they are high profile.I have an msi H87M-E35 micro atx motherboard (i think is microatx not sure tho).
  8. So you are saying that if i buy the duo version i will be able to connect it to my motherboard ?
  9. Hi there. Im thinking of buying a new cpu cooler. My I7-4770 bottlenecks my rx 570 (dont know how or why but it does). His on about 70 to 80 percent usage while gaming and temps are way too high ( 80-90ºC). So i want to buy a new a cooler, a good cheap one cause im on tight budget. So Hyper 212 black edition or esports 34 duo. My mother board only has one 4 pin fan entry, so the 34 duo comes with an extra cost of a fan splitter (7-8 euros); thats why im considering buying the 34 esports non duo version. Is there any significant difference betwwen the two. How dos the single fan one compete against the cooler master hyper 212. Cause if its about the same thing or worse i will just go to the cooler master one . Thank you for your time ! Stay safe. Feel free to give me more option for cheap and good coolers.
  10. Thank you so much ! you guys all provided with information that i needed. Best forum i`ve ever been too. Thanks guys stay safe
  11. I think i will go to the P400A. From what you said the two included fans will be enought too cool down my stystem. Even if i could i dont intend do OC anything, and my grapics card is an RX 570 so yeah not that hot.Do you know how that fan cable extenders work ? is that just plug on a 3 pin or 4 pin connector in your motherboard ? i will neeed one of these if i want to bou a new case since my mother board ony has 2 fan connectors. Thank you so much !
  12. Ok good to know man. Thank you so mucg for your help and time