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  1. Thank you for your answer. i'm not worried about the powerlevels, I suspect 600w will be more than sufficient for the build I have in mind. Regardig the USBports quantity, lIke I said in the video I linked Linus talked about the present onboard usb-ports being incompatible with the Vive trackers, so he had to install a pci-card with usb-ports that used a different chipset on. The question is "is this an issue only for that board/manufacturer, only AMD, or does it also happen with intel" How much louder are we talking about though?
  2. It's been years since I bought a new pc (current i5 gen 4) and even longer since I build one myself (AMD Athlon XP 2500+) and have decided to get and build me a new one. I'm aware new GPU/CPU generations are looming around the corner, and I'll probably could wait with the final build until they arrive, but i'd like to do some planning ahead. My main goal is to build a compact(-ish) and as quiet as possible (vr) gaming pc. I know these are hard themes to combine. I really want to use the Lian-li tu150 (with or without window) with an AMD cpu and Nvidia GPU. The Lian-li uses an SFX powersupply. I've zero experience with these so i've read through some forumposts here and other places and those posts said that SFX supplies are generally louder than regular ATX supplies. These were posts from 3-4 years though, and since technology never stops I'd like to know if this is still the case. Second question, there is a chance I might want to try out VR in the future. Maybe even go for full tracking. As seen in this video Linus had trouble with the onboard USB ports, and had to get a different motherboard and install a USB-card. Is this something that was only applicable to this motherboard(manufacturer) or is it just AMD? Or is this also an issue with Intel? If it is, I could probably go for a Micro-atx case if I really have to, but most are too bulky for my taste, or don't do it for me lookswise.
  3. Vertical, because I'm very clumsy and have reduced gripping strength in one of my hands.
  4. Is this an issue to only this board/chipset, or is it more widespread? I am considering building a new pc witht he Lian-Li TU150 as a case, but if this is indeed an issue on all boards i'll have to reconsider my case.