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  1. Hi All, As usual thaks all for help) Yeah it was a fake 2700 , will finish the build next month )
  2. Hey mate , what do you mean the arrow is with dot or am i doing it wrong??
  3. Hi all, Just receiver i7-8700k and i just cant instal it in my mother board please see images attached
  4. Is it worth 100$ for few more fram3 on 9900
  5. But for what? Its the last gen on my motherboard
  6. Got it , thx guys I tried to find 8700k but dont see alot of those here , dont know what is the issue with that
  7. Hi All, I have a wierd question , started my first pc build and now im at CPU option , i have already MSI Z390 tomahawk , Corsair Vengence pro ram and nzxt kraken x53. But now all of the prices on cpu skyrocketed in my country due to all corana stuff. And now i have to chose should i buy i7-9700k or i5-9600k to pair it with rtx 2070 super or rtx 2080. Its mostly for gaming and maybe some small video editing ( no experience at that at all) Could you assist with some advice should i save up a bit and buy i7 or go and get i5