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  1. But in the typical style. Did you watch the link?
  2. He built a Custom water block using a pure copper heat sink. Fesabilty for CPU resize /style.
  3. I kept seeing the ability to increase it. I currently have a super crap up all in one with that has Radeon r2 integrated. Just figured I couldnt boost on a rebuild thats basically a low end laptop. I CPU spike and max out the GPU playing ff8 remastered even after a ssd and doubled the ram upgrade.
  4. Oops havent figured out how to actually respond. Response posted below. Sry.
  5. I also just used 32g as a base to help with the decision between dual and quad core memory. 16gb prolly what I'll go with.
  6. I have a couple 1T hdd so strage isnt an issue. The case is is selected so that down the road I can convert it into a nas or just bulk storage. Integrated is just to save some cash. Hardest game im playing right now is the remastered ff8 on steam. Mostly play LOL. 16g ram is cause I was looking into setting a nice chunk of it to the integrated graphics.
  7. I'm putting together a build list. My problem is that trying to save some money and to convince the wife. I'm going with an integrated graphics on the CPU. Looking strongly at the ryzen 3200g. The motherboard has a 4 channel setup and I'm tryi g to figure out the best ram set up. 4×8g or 2x16g. Any advice is great. Im using pc part picker website. Build is https://pcpartpicker.com/list/bcm8wh