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  1. thanks for the advise, at least i had free shipping on the gpu
  2. i have checked a few local stores, all of them do nt sell psu at the moment, probably becuse of parts availability, i would rather spend as little as possible ofcorse but i would say that anything below 500 shekels would be fine, also im sorry it took me alot of time to respond, i have been busy
  3. https://www.newegg.com/global/il-en/?nm_mc=KNC-GoogleilAdwords&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleilAdwords-_-BrandingBroad-_-Newegg-_-Global&gclid=Cj0KCQjw3ZX4BRDmARIsAFYh7ZJ4MUkaomFseKoEqeo0pD-T8Ak8uODmaiDsHeI3gei_XPOkwG7VpuIaAjq6EALw_wcB newegg are the best in shipping costs to israel, still massive but better then the rest
  4. can you recommend me a psu? my build would take ~345 W and i could not care less for modularity, im trying to get it to israel
  5. what about this one? EVGA 400 W ATX Power Supply
  6. I cant find a review for my psu and for some of the ones i've seen, i want to be able to know what makes one psu better then another
  7. How can i know if a psu is worth getting or a fire hazard? aside having a low/high watt output
  8. I have a sama atx-500w, i dont know if that mean anything but that's what is writen on it, i live in israel, i would rather not spend more then 150$ so probably 125$ before shipping, but shipping costs change alot
  9. I have an intel i5 2600 2.7 ghz 8 gb of ddr4 ram, my power supply should have enough juice to power most graphics cards, I want to stop useing intigrated graphics and to be able to run games like borderlands 3 without turning everything to low with 30 fps, what gpu should I get?
  10. i was trying to figure out what power supply i had so i looked at the back of my computer, i saw a switch that said 220v, i assumed that the v was a cut off w as in wats, so i tried to move the switch to see and i accidentally switched from 220v to 110v, then the lights in my room truned off, after bringing power back to my room i switched back to 220v but now my computer wont turn on. i need my computer for school,is there any way to fix it without getting a new power supply?