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  1. As far as game performance goes, AMD is currently losing. Another option to consider is the 10600k, Gamers Nexus was able to get it to perform as good, and sometimes better than a 9900k when it comes to games. Recommend watching their video on it.
  2. Depends on the games or resolution, but overall should be a fairly balanced system with either of those cards.
  3. If you're trying to game in 4k or even 1440p it won't really be an issue.
  4. Is the crashing an indicator of a hurting unit? Just making sure that is indeed the problem here
  5. I recently upgraded systems, but kept my current graphics card. I wanted to put another card into my old system so I could give it to someone else. I found a 980 ti on craigslist that was used for mining. The card works well most of the time but freezes up or crashes to a solid color after a few seconds in a couple games I tried. I updated drivers, temps are solid, and fans are working fine. Is this a known issue for mining cards? For those interested, the games that crashed were Sekiro, and Doom 2016, which worked fine after putting my other card back in.