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  1. If I got some parts from newegg there would be tax plus shipping meaning it would cost more money but I appreciate trying to help me tho
  2. I live in the UK and 10th gen cpus are like £300 which is roughly $350-$400 USD
  3. And I’m trying to keep it under £950( I live in the UK)
  4. I planning to try do an itx build
  5. I’m pairing it with the Rtx 2060
  6. I stuck whether picking a r5 3600 or an i5 9600kf. I’m planning on doing some light video editing and gaming. Plz help me out?
  7. I already have checked and it says it’s compatible so thx for helping
  8. I’m planning on getting an rx 5600 xt Gaming X but I’m wondering whether it will be fine fitting inside an nzxt h210.Will there be any problem with cable management or airflow and clearance? Please help me
  9. Ye you can get a windows 10 pro product key real cheap on ebay. Therefore, you might have some cash for an ssd.
  10. So I’m planning on making a mini itx pc, but I’m not very sure of the compatibility with my cpu and motherboard of choice.I’m planning on getting a ryzen 5 3600 and an aorus b450i but I’m not sure if they’re compatible. Could you please confirm whether they work together? Also, is the aorus b450i ryzen 3000 ready out of the box or do I need to flash the bios so it works?