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  1. Yes I did. Also tried different settings
  2. Hello, A few days ago I did an update on my Bios. Previously my 8600k would run stable @4.8Ghz with 1.3V...Since the update my CPU clock speed drops after startup with the same settings as before (I can see that it is at the beginning @4.8GHz) but then drops to 4.1GHz..I tried to set EIST off and also windows power management settings. Nothing works. Has anyone else experienced this problem aswell? Bios shows "correct" speed but taskmanager and CPU-Z both show 4.1GHZ Motherboars: MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon, latest Bios 8600k 32GB 3200Mhz CL14 Gskill Trident Z Memory
  3. Do you have to also use Windows on your Mac? Thanks for answering
  4. Revit doens't work for Mac --> will have to install Parallels and run Revit on the Windows VM. All other programs work. I store my "working" files all in the cloud, so that wouldn't be a problem. Thanks for answering!
  5. Hello! FYI: I am an architecture Student in Vienna, Austria. I mostly rely on CAD Programs f.e. Autodesk AutoCad, Revit and other Programs such as SketchUp (with Vray), Photoshop and MS Office. I already have a pretty decent PC with a i5-8600k, 32GB RAM and a GTX 1070TI. It runs everything very good --> so I have a system that is capable of rendering and handling larger Revit files. I also have an Iphone 6s and an IPad Pro 12.9" 2018 which I use to sketch and draw. Currently I use a 5 year old Asus Gaming Laptop, which is awfully heavy and the battery died recently, which means I need to upgrade. I am somewhat in the apple ecosystem with Iphone and Ipad (which I very much like) but I am having trouble to decide between a new MBP 16" (probably would wait for antoher refresh this summer) and the coming Dell XPS 15 7500. MBP Thoughts: reliable (somehwat) Could use my Ipad as a secondary screen Radeon PRO drivers, which work well for some CAD programs, for tohers they don't would have to learn MAC OS would have to learn programwise a new UI would have to switch between UI of MAC programs and Windows programs when coming home, since when I am at home I want to use my Desktop new Shortcuts Bigger Battery than XPS 99WHrs/87WHrs Airdrop would be nice Would have to use parallels in order to use Revit, since there is no native version --> more expensive,100 Bucks more expensive (about 500€(540USD) XPS 15 thoughts: Very nice screen Most CAD progams are nicely optimized for NVIDIA cheaper very good looking but MBP is nicer would only have to install the programs and learn nothing new I think bigger and therefore heavier charging cable (I guess) Could easily switch between Laptop and PC --> now new Keyboard Layout and Shortcuts Biggest positive for MBP: ecosystem Biggest negative for MBP: learn new UI and having to switch between MAC and PC. These are just some toughts so let me please know if you come up with other arguments. I know I could run all other Programs too in Parallels but I just don't want to buy a Mac and then just use Windows anyway. Following Specs for MBP: 10 series I9 (not the HK but the second best one), 32GB RAM, Radeon pro 5500 with 8GB VRAM and a 1 TB SSD Specs for the XPS 15: same as above, 32GB RAM, 1660TI (probably a MAXQ) 6GB VRAM and a 1TB SSD. I am only considering these two Laptops eventough a larger G14 would be nice^^ Please let me know based on what Arguments which desicion you would make. Furthermore, thanks to everyone reading this and helping me out! I am a little biased towards the Mac but I know it would be somewhat a "dumb" desicion since not even all programs have a native MAC version and who knows which CAD-programs I will have to use in the future. The Laptop should last me for about 5+ years. Thank you in advance, Gerhard