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  1. Thank you again, Gloop. I'll give these a go and see what happens.
  2. So far it is working, hoping to be getting on Zen 2 here soon. This 2600 was practically given to me so it's just what I had from the get go.
  3. I got in and changed out to 3600mhz, upped the voltage as you said and everything seems to be working as I can actually boot into windows now, lol. Is there anyway to really test and make sure this is going to work smoothly and not have continuous crashes and such?
  4. I will try that out and see what happens, thank you gloop
  5. CMOS has been cleared as of 35 minutes ago, ran into the same issue. As far as voltage goes, which "voltage" am I increasing? I made sure I have the latest BIOS also this morning. I'm running the BIOS from April of this year.
  6. So I'm running into some major issues and I cant seem to figure out how to fix this Build Ryzen 5 2600 MSI B450 Tomahawk Max 2 8GB sticks of GSkill Trident Z 3600 CL16 MSI 1660TI 600W EVGA PSU I'm trying to get my ram at 3600mhz, and every time I go into my BIOS and set my XMP to profile 2 which would be running at 3600mhz something goes haywire and my system refuses to work. I've currently got it running in profile 1 at 3200mhz. Once I save the xmp settings in BIOS and restart DRAM, BOOT and CPU lights all flash and then Windows wants to reset the computer back to original specs. Any idea what is going on with this? I'm still very new at this PC world, so any insight would be helpful. Thank you