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  1. Hello, So I was just watching BitWit's video on a 700$ pc (yes, I know this is a linustechtips forum but he doesn't do any videos like these so yea) and I was just wondering if there is a similar (under 100$) mother board for for micro-itx, because I really wanted a small pc and I really like the H210i from NZXT
  2. all comparsen video I've seen show AMD having lower fps then intel
  3. So ill have to buy a new motherboard?
  4. Hello everyone, I'm think of upgrading my i5-6600k to an i5-9600F, I was just wondering if my mother board would support it. Its a socket 1151 and I do have dedicated GPU for graphics. but I don't know about the chip set. How can I tell what chip set I have and would it be worth the money. I do mostly gaming with it so yeah Edit: I've seen quite a few videos and there is not much improvement to 10th gen, and it requires different motherboard.
  5. I have a 1060 SC and it is starting to show it age, I got it a few years a go and now I get around 90 fps on High to Ultra/Vary high settings. but its also pinged. (usually you don't want any of your components maxed out all the time) Its fine tho beacasue I have 60Hrz monitor so 60fps works fine.
  6. Hello everyone, Once and a while I have this issue where WMI Provider Host just pings my cpu at 100% for no reason. It also some times takes quite a bit of cpu sometimes (like 60%) It only happens when I load my system (such as Gaming and Rendering) and I have to restart an its fine taking about 0.1 to 1% of my cpu. I have not over clocked my cpu witch is a i5-6600k. Now it does not happen that often but its sorta annoying. Any thoughts?
  7. oh I thought they pulled quite a bit more, maybe im confusing them with a different one. Sry
  8. Does the zen3 require a different chipset?
  9. ok, thats sorta what I thought. Thanks Edit: what does ipc and imc mean?
  10. Hello everyone So I was wondering what Ryzen cpu I should get and what motherboard I should get with it. I'm upgrade from an Intel I5-6600k and I have a EVGA 1060 6GB SC (that I plan to keep). Or should I wait for the next gen Ryzen series. For the motherboard: I do NOT plan to overclock I want some thing that is robust but not to expensive and something that has at least 3 sata port and a n M.2 slot For the CPU I do quite a bit of video productions (live streaming, some light editing, etc) but I also play quite a bit of games. and I don't my GPU to be the serve bottleneck also, I do some game dev (with Unity but not that often) basically a all around good motherboard (hopefully around 400$(less if possible)) Thanks Edit: RN my cpu is the bottle neck (I play quite a bit of cpu intensive games such as BeamNG and sim games)
  11. does this have the speed boost too?\
  12. Is windows on a slow hard drive? Cause that might the problem. And does the computer respond like a ping from another computer?