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  1. Well, I've just DDU'd my video driver. Unplugged the internet cable for the duration of the whole thing. Hoping that I won't experience anything like this ever again. You know, I think that reflashing my VBIOS to the previous one would be a good idea, but the problem is that it's very stressful for me, so I wouldn't like to go that way. Anyway, thanks for help!
  2. Would it be okay if after DDU I install the laterst driver (451.67)?
  3. Hello! I'm wondering if anyone of you has ever experienced a problem like this. Well, a couple of months ago I updated my VBIOS to fix a problem with my Netflix app that was constantly giving me BSODs. After that VBIOS update there were strange things happening: for example, my Microsoft Office was completely gone from my computer for some unknown reason. Moreover, when I was playing videogames (RDRII mostly) it was all laggy and buggy etc. So I reinstalled my Windows 10. After the reinstallation, everything was fine. But I couldn't help noticing that my computer screen would simply go black from time to time. For example, I'm playing something (literally anything) and it goes black for a second and then it's all fine again. Other times it might go black while simply browsing (YouTube, social networks etc.) It happens pretty rarely, I'd say once every two or three weeks. But even though the problem is not critical, it's still unsettling, knowing that something is clearly wrong. Would any of you care to help me out? I don't have a clue of what's going on. My graphics card is RTX 2070 Windforce X3 from Gigabyte. The current BIOS version is and the driver version is 451.48