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  1. Thanks, I'll do that and report back. Will rotate each RAM Stick on each slot and mark which memory sticks are faulty and report back.
  2. Hi All, I recently built a gaming PC with the following configuration: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/HappyTron/saved/#view=fQzgt6 At the two messages are shown: Memory PMU Training Error at Socket 0 Channel 0 DIMM 0 & DIMM 1 Which changes to: Memory PMU Training DIMM 1 For about a month there was no issue with the computer and all 4 RAM sticks were working fine at 3600 MHz. There was a instance when the computer suddenly shut down and after reboot this error started showing up. Now I only see 32 GB of memory being detected in the task manager and running at 2666 MHz. I tried setting the BIOS settings to default, enabling and disabling XMP, but it doesn't change. I am fairly new in PC building and don't have enough in-depth knowledge about memory timing and troubleshooting. Any pointers to try and debug this issue would be a great help. Thanks!