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  1. since i9 9900k is sabout same price as i9 10900k i might end up with that but i guess my psu is still ok for that. and any AAA tittle out now and out in future years
  2. I am doing a new build and i got 2x8GB DDR4 3200mhz Corsair LPX sold in kit. My next mother board will be Gigabyte Aoruz z 490 Master wich has 4 dimm slot in dual channel config. Can i buy antoher 2X8 DDR$ 3200mhz Corsair LPX with sam CAS latency and product number or i need to buy a 4 x 8 kit? i did some researche but i never saw a post about already having a kit of ram and wanting to keep upgrading. thnak you
  3. i tought that tpd was power usage of the cpu. I plannes on RM850X of corsair. I do mostly gaming and i know i5 10600k is higher based clock and is better for gaming but i also do video rendering while using many software that are hungry in cpu to make it possible that why i chose i7 10700k+ i planned on OC it to make it better in game
  4. i wanted something similar to i9 9900k that's why i choose i7 10700k
  5. Hi i want to know if a 850w 80+ gold corsair PSU is egnough for an ROG RTX 2070S(wich recommened 650w) + an i710700k on a aorus z490 ultra + trick question since 10th gen intel chip goes to 125w TDP should i go for z490 aorus master since my psu choice will ave 2x 8 pin atx for cpu
  6. i ended up choosing Gigabyte AORUS ULTRAhttps://www.gigabyte.com/ca/Motherboard/Z390-AORUS-ULTRA-rev-10#kf for my futur i9 9900k since it fill all my need like 4 fan header and has nice looking feature for price vs second best choice imo was Asrock taichi ultimate thank you all
  7. thanks but i still want to go for intel cpu since benchamrk show better performace and my first purpose is for gaming and not multi-tasking
  8. Hi all i plan on buying a i7 9700k and i new a new motherboard since mine doesn't support 8&9 gen CPU. there is so many option and price range that i dont really know where to look. Here is what i need: case:phantek p300a mesh edition support ATX mobo 4 fan header + 1 cpu fan header no need for water cooling can be rgb for future my gpu is ROG STRIX RTX2070S i got 1x m.2 2280 storage pcie x4 2 sata3 SSD 2x8Gb ram corsair lpx vengeance 3200 MHz cmk16gx4m2b3200c16 730W psu 80+ bronze raidmax I can't seem to find a good motherboard for it. I have 2 fan header+1 cpufan at the moment but i would like to have all my fan on motherboard instead of 2 direct in psu I can't find a motherboard that has egnough drm phase vs. fan header please help me to find a good motherboard