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  1. Thank you for the reply. I will definitely look into that to see if I can get it figured out.
  2. Can you explain where to find that?
  3. Hey All, I have just recently got a two pc streaming setup together and am having some trouble with my elgato hd60s capture card. Basically, in my nvidia control panel, I have 3 monitors (my main 240hz alienware monitor, a 144hz asus monitor, and the elgato capture card). I am cloning the elgato capture card with my main display, but it is only allowing me to send a 1080p30hz signal to the elgato (I am wanting to stream at 1080p60fps). So far, I have tried different usb ports on my streaming pc (making sure it is a usb 3.0), tried different hdmi cables from my gaming pc to the elgato, and tried different hdmi ports on my gaming pc (two of my hdmi ports were not detecting the elgato which I thought was weird, but one did and only allowed the 30hz). My only two thoughts are that I need to get a display port to hdmi cable to remove the 30hz max refresh rate that I am seeing over hdmi, although hdmi should be able to handle 1080p60hz no problem. Or that there is something configured incorrectly with the elgato on my streaming pc through the game capture software. I have went thought and made sure to check allow 60fps, but no matter what it is staying on a 1080p 30hz input. Any advice is appreciated and thank you in advance.
  4. Hey All, Hope you are doing well. So the microstutter problem randomly started again a few days ago and I’m not sure what could be the cause. All games seemed to run really smooth for about 2 weeks and all of a sudden the game started feeling stuttery, mostly like what I was seeing on screen did not match the framerate that it was showing in game. Does anyone have any suggestion to fix this issue? Thank you in advance.
  5. Hey All, So I think I got the problem fixed. Thank you @SavageNeo for suggesting a CPU overclock. I was able to overlock my CPU to 5 GHz on all cores and am now getting a much better frame rate in game. Although even after my frame rate increased, all games still felt like there was micro stutter which was odd. (200FPS did not feel like it should) so I did some more digging and found what at least fixed it for me. I’ll post it here in case someone else has the same problem. In NVCP, under the PhysX tab, I changed that from Auto to my GPU. So with a combination of overclocking the CPU and changing the PhysX setting, I am now getting good frame rates with no stutter. Thank you for all the advice everyone.
  6. Hey, so my target FPS would be around 170-200 (according to benchmarks). I also have an Alienware AW2518HF monitor.
  7. I also would like to add, I have MSI Afterburner installed and my CPU utilization in game is really low. Would that suggest the CPU is not the bottleneck. Sorry very new to setting up a computer.
  8. Thank you for the info. I will definitely give it a shot. And yes I have dual channel memory configuration.
  9. I have 3000Mhz Corsair Vengeance LPX (16GB). I have not ever messed with overclocking the cpu but I’m sure that would help boost FPS. Do you not think that the game should run at a higher FPS this even at stock though? Which would suggest a bigger issue. I had an RTX 2070 prior and got very similar FPS.
  10. Hey Mateyyy, I am playing on 1920x1080.
  11. Hi all, I just upgraded to a 2080ti and am getting low FPS in Call of Duty Warzone. I am playing on low settings and getting somewhere around 130-140 FPS. I have tried using DDU to uninstall and reinstall drivers with no luck. My next thought was the power supply. Below is an image of a connection. My power supply came with 1x8 pin connector and 1x8+(6+2) pin connector. Could the 1x8+(6+2) connection be causing an issue with power delivery? and could switching that out with a regular 8 pin connector fix my low FPS issue? Thank you for any advice in advance. PC specs: CPU: i7-8086k (stock) GPU: RTX2080 ti PSU: 750W EVGA RAM: 16GB Motherboard: Asus Tuf motherboard