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  1. This is from palit site 2.5 Slot Board Size 285mm x 133mm
  2. F its like 11 inch i think
  3. Can i fit gtx 1070 gamerock inside acer tc 885 case
  4. And what kinda external pewr connector id need for gtx 1060 6gb
  5. If it can power the gpu and the other system ik its good one
  6. Im looking psu for gtx 1060 6gb and i have one good but idk if it has enough power comming out
  7. And before anybody says under 120 i hit that with uhd gpu
  8. But how much fos would i get!! i have 144hz monitor
  9. But if i get better it costs more and i dont want to buy new psu cuz it couldnt fit in my case i have low end pc
  10. How much fps would i get on fortnite low on gyx 1050 ti i have i5 8400
  11. Henr9


    oh ok like on low
  12. Henr9


    how much fps would i get on gtx 1050 ti on fortnite @low settings i have i5 8400 2.8 hz
  13. Would i get like 240 fps on gtx 1060 6gb At fortnite low settings and would the fps be considtant and i have i5 8400 2.8hz