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  1. I use a 3900x. I play on a 4k 144hz monitor, but I leave it capped at 120hz due to the limitations on displayport 1.4
  2. I've never used SLI before. I already have a 2080ti and figured the price will drop tremendously when the 3080ti is released, so it sounded like a decent option over selling my card and upgrading to a 3080 Ti.
  3. I know the numbers haven't been released so it's all speculation at this point, but what do you guys think the pros/cons would be to each setup? Would a singular 3080 ti just be flat-out superior?
  4. I put together a new PC two weeks ago using some parts from my existing PC. My new parts: 3900x, x570 meg ace, 2080 ti, 32gb 3600mhz g.skills ripjaws, cpu cooler, 1tb m2 nvme drive, PG27UQ (display port) old parts: cd-rom drive, 120gb old sata ssd (windows install drive), 1tb sata HDD, corsair hx850i seems to have started when I enabled XMP and set the memory speed to 3600mhz in bios. today it took me like 7 tries hitting the power button off and on to get it to post. When it DOES post, it'll work flawlessly for hours until I turn it off. All the components seem to be getting power, everything lights up and all the fans spin, my monitor just doesn't get any signal and stays off. But when it does turn on, the monitor picks it up and displays normally.
  5. 3900x on an x570 meg ace windows 10 first time it's happened.. yeah not sure why only one cpu is at 98%
  6. so i was playing valorant and noticed my 2080ti dropped to 900mhz when it normally runs at 2000mhz, and was only giving me 80 fps in 4k when it's normally always capped at 120 (my screens hz) anyone know why this could've happened?
  7. i think moving one to the bottom of the case helped a lot too. blows cool air on the x570 chipset and the gpu too
  8. so I just built this PC the other day.. 3900x, 2080 ti, 32 GB 3600mhz and noticed my GPU was rather hot at 75º C while gaming.. fixed the fan orientation today and my GPU now sits at or under 60º C while gaming at 4k ultra 90+ FPS. BEFORE AFTER
  9. Okay I was able to download a tool called something like "mini partition wizard" or something and was able to partition the drive using that, so it's useable now. But it's still not showing up in my BIOS as a boot option, and I want to install windows 10 on to it. Any ideas?
  10. thanks, but it's not showing up there.
  11. mobo x570 MEG ACE 3900x cpu 2080 ti windows 10 drives - 120GB old sata SSD (works) 1tb HDD sata - works NEW 1tb samsung NVME M2 (is detected in bios, but can't set it as a boot option, and don't see the drive listed when i click "My Computer" at the desktop any ideas?
  12. X570 mobo and 3900x if it matters.. for gaming
  13. I want 32GB of 3600mhz ram. Is one setup faster than the other? If so, how much?
  14. Ummm just buy a 20+ year old ps/2 dell sk8110 or IBM keyboard for like $20-$30. They'll last a lot longer than the new junk that's made and probably even function better.. unless you really like your keyboard to have lights for some reason
  15. alright thanks. I was getting like 3-4 fps in cs:go using one 8-pin set of wires split so I looked it up and tried using 2 sets of wires. Ill see if that fixes my problem