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  1. Haven’t decided where to order it from. I’m just looking to build a PC for my brother for his bday and I’ll build it for him. But I was unsure on the older compatibility.
  2. Okay cool. Hopefully it just comes with ready the first time.
  3. So do you think it’s safe to order it? Knowing I have no way of updating Bios after purchase?
  4. As of right now the 3600 is cheaper than the 3100 so I feel like it’s stupid to downgrade on the CPU when it’s a few bucks cheaper and it’s better.
  5. What would be your solution? I have no way of upgrading bios myself and no stores around me that do that kind of thing either.
  6. What would be your solution? I have no way of upgrading bios myself and no stores around me that do that kind of thing either.
  7. Title says it all. I can’t find a straight answer online, it just says that some b450 boards need a bios upgrade first. So is it compatible directly out of the box?
  8. It’s enough to hold me off until September when the 3000 series comes out. That’s the only reason I bought it was because I’m waiting.
  9. The board is dead. I had it in the first one at first I was trying other ones. I took to a friends house he has the same mobo and it worked perfectly fine. ASUS just sent me a board with dead PCI Express.
  10. Actually figured out that my motherboard is dead. Brought it to a friends house and it worked perfect. I just need to get in touch with ASUS to send me a new board. (My friend has the same board as me). I realize that it wasn’t in correctly after I took that pic and I’ve tried other slots, got in touch with both companies and they both told me I had to try putting the GPU in a different board or vise versa before they can conclude anything and send me a replacement.
  11. You want me to do that to the CPU? I can’t do that bc I have a liquid cooler I would have to reapply thermal paste and that would be an absolute disaster. There’s no other way of resetting the CPU besides uninstalling and reinstalling?
  12. No this is the first one. I bought it while I waited for 3000 series to come out.
  13. Connected it to a different slot with the same problem.
  14. Intel i9 9900k asus Rog Strix z390e amd Radeon 5500xt corsair h115 liquid cooler Corsair dominator platinum mastercooler Masterbox k500
  15. Okay I got it out and it won’t even fit in the 2nd PCI slot the left side won’t go it. I don’t understand why I’m having so many issues, I built this whole PC with little problems and this should be one of the easiest parts.
  16. Now I can’t even get it out of the slot it’s stuck on the right side where it’s supposed to hold it in place. So it might be the slot but now I have the problem that I can’t remove it.
  17. The picture I sent you it says “no VGA Card Detected” and in Windows in the graphics properties it won’t detect either. I tried downloading Radeon Software to see if it would detect the product and it wouldn’t even let me install it because it didn’t detect a product
  18. It’s saying the GPU isn’t connected it won’t run off it. I have reinstalled it and still nothing it’s just acting like it’s not even there
  19. It is plugged into the card with a DisplayPort. I have a HDMI running to the Motherboard. It’s just not reading the card, not even BIOS.
  20. I misinterpreted what you were trying to say sorry. I have a HDMI cable into the motherboard for integrated and a Display Port cable plugged into the GPU which isn’t displaying anything because it’s not being detected.
  21. I posted some pics if that helps
  22. Reset it still nothing
  23. Brand new just put it in