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  1. I only want a GPU that supports 720p and 1080p videos offline, playing videos online at 720p or higher is not a requirement. A buddy of mine recommended me to get a GT 610, do you reckon it will work?
  2. Hey guys. I have an old Core 2 Duo PC that has no GPU which I use for watching TV Shows, Movies etc. (After downloading them) The problem is that this PC struggles to properly play 720p and 1080p videos, videos get stuck or sometimes and have a problem playing. (I have the same problem on my second PC which is an i5 2400, that PC also doesn't have a GPU.) Question is, do I need a GPU to solve this? If so please recommend me a cheap GPU that will get the job done, I have no other requirements other than playing videos on this PC. Thankyou!!
  3. Some perks of living in a third world country my dude. The snowman cooler was already on my mind after seeing it on a youtube video, it seems like a good air cooler. Here's some data I combined from multiple Tomshardware tests. From videos I've seen on youtube the Snowman MT-6 (Six heatpipe version) will either be between MA410M and MA620P or it will be lower than MA620P. But it's worth a shot, I guess.
  4. In my local currency. MA620P is available in the market along with the Hyper212, MA410M & MA410P. If we compare the available coolers by the price range, the MA620P is the most 'expensive' one. Shopkeepers only import cooler master's air coolers, nothing else is available in the market, and even by cooler master only 4 of their air coolers are available which I listed above. Extremely High-end PC's in my country are a rarity, those that do buy high-end PCs always go with AIOs. Most people just get by by getting an i7 6th or 7th gen and then they overclock them to get some decent performance.
  5. Yeah, you're quite right.. but wouldn't these fans that have a higher CFM compared to the stock fans make a big difference? These server fans have a CFM of 160, compared to the stock fans CFM that's almost 59. And Corsair's ML120 fans have a CFM of 75.
  6. I'm aiming for somewhat the same temps that a Noctua Nh D15 or D14 would be able to provide on a 9900k, nothing too crazy I don't mind running the fans at 2000-2500 RPM as long as the results are good which I think they will be given that my friend was able to achieve a 23c drop just with 2 fans on a gpu on 2000 rpm. I imagine having 3 of these at 2,000-2500 rpm would provide adequate cooling and a bearable enough noise experience.
  7. Nah, I haven't heard it by myself because he did this mod on his gpu which he sold off a few weeks after, although he did say that he kept the fans at around 2000 rpm using Asus fan speed utility and that he plugged the fan directly into one of the motherboard fan headers.
  8. What do you think about stock performance? Since I'm not gonna be overclocking I don't think that I need to worry about extremely crazy high temps. As for the fans, a buddy of mine did a GPU mod and replaced his stock fans on Rx 580 with 120mm server fans that run at 4000 rpm and he says that the noise increment isn't a lot, with this simple mod he was able to get a temp drop of 23c! So I was thinking of replacing the stock fans with the ones my buddy used or the Corsair ML120 fans that Corsair uses on their H150i Pro AIO cooler.
  9. Like I said man, I just prefer Intel over Ryzen. Also, I understand your POV, you misunderstood what I meant by keeping my PC relevant, what I meant was that I can just stick a better GPU than the 2080 Ti whenever it comes out in the next few years and still be able to play new games on 1080p before the machine just doesn't support decent framerates anymore, then I can completely sell it off and start afresh. The reason why I'm going with the i9 9900k as opposed to the i9 9900 is because the base frequency of the overclock-able version is higher.
  10. I was thinking the same thing, and that is why I'm gonna plug them directly into the power supply using a molex to fan adapter cable. I don't mind the noise, a friend of mine did a GPU mod and replaced the stock fans on his RX 580 with 120mm Server Fans that run at 4000 RPM. And he says that the noise ain't that much, and with this mod he got a whopping 23c temperature drop!
  11. Dude let's not make this a ryzen vs intel topic please I just prefer Intel over Ryzen, and I want to buy the best processor right now that I possibly can so that it's relevant for at least 6-8 years before I have to upgrade.
  12. Nothing except Cooler Master is available and the most expensive available one is the MA620p.
  13. I have a question here that I've kinda been pulling my hair out for, so first of all to understand my predicament, let me just tell you that Ebay and Amazon don't deliver in my country but I can get Aliexpress products delivered just fine. I'm building an i9 9900k PC with a 2080 Ti that I won't be overclocking (CPU or GPU) I want to go the air-cooling route but the problem is that Dark Pro or Be quiet or Noctua or any other mainstream air-cooling fan brands aren't available in my country, only Cooler Master is available. The most expensive Air Cooler that's available is the Cooler Master MasterAIR 620P. I was thinking of doing a couple of modifications to it to get good temps that you'd generally get with on an i9 9900k with a Noctua NH D-15. For starters, I was thinking that I'd replace the stock fans that the Master Air 620P comes with and put on some High RPM DC 12v Computer Server Fans or Corsair SP120/ML120 fans which are static pressure fans (I'll be testing both of them on the cooler to see which ones produce better temps and I'll be putting on 3 of them, the cooler only comes with 2 fans, so I'm betting that putting on 3 fans as opposed to 2 which are better than the stock fans will produce better temperature results.) In all the benchmarks that I've seen online, the NH-D15 has performed better than the Cooler Master MasterAIR 620p and managed to provide an extra 7c - 10c of cooling. I've provided ALL the benchmarks that I saw at the end of the post: (You don't need to read them, the only difference between cooling provided by MA620P and Noctua NH D-15 is a difference of 10c ONLY.) Now physically comparing the coolers: All three coolers come with 6 heatpipes. MasterAIR 620P's Heatsink weight without fan = 850g Noctua NH D-15's Heatsink weight without fan = 980g Noctua's D14 Heatsink weight without fan = 900g So Noctua's NH D-15 Heatsink is only 130g heavier than MasterAIR 620P. And Noctua's D14 Heatsink is only 50g heavier than MasterAIR 620P. I also watched a video by a youtuber where he used an i9 7900X paired with Coolermaster 212X and got 79c temps at 4ghz under an Aida64 Stress Test for 40 minutes. And Coolermaster 212X cooler weighs a mere 492g, which is less than all the coolers mentioned here. Now the i9 7900x is a 10 core 20 threads processor as opposed to the i9 9900k which is an 8 core 16 threads processor. Now looking at the CFM numbers listed on the cooler's pages: (The numbers listed on Noctua's website were cubic meter per hour so I converted them to cubic feet per minute using google.) MasterAIR 620P CFM = 53.4 Noctua NH D-15 CFM = 67.6864 Noctua D14 CFM = 64.920129 Statistically speaking I think I'll be able to achieve the 65-67 CFM number by putting on any of the fans I mentioned above on the MasterAIR 620P cooler. So do you guys think that the MasterAIR 620p cooler after these fan modifications will get some results very close to Noctua's NH D-15 and be able to support the CPU under 4k gaming load? and 1080p video editing/rendering? P.S, Now I know that some of you are gonna suggest going with an AIO, I hate AIOs, I prefer air-cooling over liquid, I HAVE to go with air-cooling, AIOs are not an option. Also, some of you might also suggest just buying a Noctua NH D15 Cooler from Aliexpress but the problem is that it being sold by 2 or 3 suppliers and neither listed product has a single review, so it might just be a cheap knockoff that doesn't produce any good results, so I'm going for a locally bought OEM product and doing fan mods on it instead. P.S, I've attached all the Benchmarks that I saw.