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  1. I finished the check, there wasn't any problems found
  2. What do I do once this has finished( it's still going btw) the first stuff it check didn't have any problems
  3. Also am I able to test the hdd on a different pc
  4. Ive managed to get here. Not sure what's next though
  5. I'm unable to get into Windows recovery, f11 did nothing
  6. Yea I can see the hdd and are these the right spinning dots?
  7. Well over an hour, yea a Windows 10 os 3.5in hdd AMD ryzen 5 2600 Gtx 980 4gb tuf gaming b450 plus gaming mobo Tforce Vulcan z 16gb ram 3000mhz
  8. No it's not new, its worked for a almost a year, it started yesterday, I can get in the BIOS/UEFI
  9. I turn my pc on it gets to where I can press f2 to get into the bios but then goes black and just loads forever